A surface mount art projector differs from recessed fixtures in that it attaches to a spot rather than being installed in a wall or ceiling. While this leaves the fixture exposed, it also means a faster and less expensive installation.

Some homeowners don’t like cutting holes in their walls or ceilings, so this type of fixture may be the best option available from an aesthetic standpoint. Most importantly, though, is that these fixtures are just as powerful and flexible as the best recessed fixtures on the market.


Phantom’s SM series offers a highly sophisticated surface mount art projector and is compatible with nearly any subject out there. It can be attached to a wall, the ceiling, or even on top of a tall piece of furniture. For example, if a homeowner wants to keep the fixture concealed but in range of the subject, an SM fixture can be installed on top of a high cabinet or antique clock. Chances are, no one will notice it’s there, but it will provide beautiful lighting all the same.

And with its full range of customization options, the SM can be tailored to any setting. In settings where the light needs to be aimed down a corridor or long room, the SM can be fitted with extended lenses. If a homeowner wants to eliminate spill light and only illuminate the subject, a mask can be used to shape the light. And with its powerful halogen beam, the SM can properly display anything from mixed media collages to technically complex oil paintings.