Building display cabinets with adjustable shelves can be easily achieved with Phantom custom cabinet lighting systems. Phantom concealed linear strips can be built directly into the shelves at the time of construction without any exposed wires or electrical connections. As low-voltage units, Phantom lighting strips are engineered for maximum light output and minimal power consumption. They are also guaranteed to accentuate your product’s aesthetic appeal and directly increase its market value with color temperatures that range from 5000K to the warm, inviting tones 2800K.

Architects, interior designers and custom home builders can reduce your client’s decorative lighting costs by as much as 60% with the energy efficiency of Phantom LED festoon lamps compared to incandescent cabinet lights. By combining superb carpentry with high-end lighting, you can provide a unique product offering that sets you apart from the competition.

There are few basic and very simple components make Phantom adjustable cabinet lights amazingly easy to install in a wide range of display lighting applications. These are linear strips (which are already assembled prior to shipment), a CDA connector kit for each linear strip light, a pair of custom steel buss bars with mounting holes for each cabinet section, and a dimmable low-voltage magnetic transformer that powers the entire system.

The concept of installing custom cabinet lighting is not as complicated as you think. A custom mounting support replaces the standard right-angle pin supports which push into the mounting holes drilled by the carpenter. Once the mounting brackets are engaged, they make contact with the concealed buss bars that reside hidden between cabinet sections. (See Buss Bar Illustration) When you place an order with our factory, we manufacture the buss bars with holes drilled every 32mm on center as well as the light strips themselves custom to the dimensions of the piece you are building.

Each cabinet section only needs one pair of buss bars, and every shelf needs only one CDA connector kit. These components, along with a small, low-voltage transformer that is easy to conceal, comprise everything you need to assemble a wireless lighting solution that will accent everything from rare books and china to collectables and fine wine bottles.

Here are a few steps that must be taken by the carpenter, builder, electrician or contractor as the cabinet is being constructed and assembled:

1. The process begins with the carpenter routing out a 1/4” x 5/8” channel on each exterior wall of the cabinet sections to accept the metal buss bars. It is important to make sure the buss bars line up with the mounting holes in the side of the cabinet. (See AC Series cut sheet)

2. Secure buss bar in place using mounting screw provided in package. Repeat this for each cabinet section.

3. As the carpenter begins to assemble the various sections your electrician should then install low voltage home run wiring from the transformer location to the individual metal buss bars in each cabinet section. He or she must also provide a separate low voltage wire from the transformer to the light strip behind the header at the top of each cabinet section. We recommend access to these electrical connections for future maintenance.

4. After the cabinet and shelves are painted, install the Phantom brass right angle mounting brackets at the front of each cabinet section using the provided brass screws. Use standard right angle pins (provided by carpenter) for the back shelf supports.

5. Attach the lights strips on bottom of each shelf as well as the light strip behind the top header. Attached contact pads on each shelf and place the shelves in the cabinet. Connect the top strip behind the header. Install the shelves in the cabinet.

6. Like magic, safe low voltage power will flow from the buss bars through the mounting bracket, then complete circuit through the contact pads connected to the lighting strips on each shelf.

The entire process takes only a few hours to complete, and results in an exciting visual display that appears to be lit by a sourceless luminance emanating from the shelving itself. The results are spectacular!Contact us now at 1-800-863-1184 to learn more about how customized wireless and completely adjustable library shelf display light. These concealed linear lighting strips can beautify a home or office with an entirely new aesthetic with apparently sourceless ambient lighting.Our linear lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas. We have a network of nationwide distributorships and United States lighting sales representatives that fan out throughout all 50 states into cities like Ft. Lauderdale, FL (FLL), Orlando, Florida (MCO), Santa Monica, CA, (LAX) Columbus, Ohio (CMH), (LGA) New York, NY, (JKF), St. Louis, MO, Detroit, Michigan (DTW), Madison, WI (MSN), San Francisco, California (SFO), and Omaha, Nebraska (OMA). We also service clients internationally, with lighting manufacturer representatives working out of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.