Though framing projectors come in a number of brands, Phantom’s design is quickly outpacing others on the market. This is because Phantom offers additional versatility and the fixtures are easier for professionals to handle. The fixture is compatible with all kinds of display items, from simple paintings to intricately designed sculptures.

What makes Phantom’s framing projectors stand out is their extensive customization. Each device has a certain setting in mind. For example, the New Construction (NC) series is configured for installation prior to sheetrock placement. This ensures a perfectly smooth ceiling transition. The Surface Mount (SM) series, on the other hand, is an economical choice that is not concealable, but provides the same beautiful illumination as Phantom’s concealed models.

In addition to these housing options, Phantom’s fixtures are available in 120V and 277V settings and can be configured with magnetic or electric transformers. More importantly, though, is how intuitive they are to install. Other manufacturers produce projectors with outdated and unusual designs. This naturally makes installation and maintenance more difficult for a technician. Phantom’s fixtures are streamlined and include design concepts that most professionals will be familiar with. This will make the installation easier for the installer in the effort to provide the right look for the clients needs.