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With a powerful set of art lighting upgrades, a homeowner can get that display they have always dreamed of, one that looks like it jumped out of the pages of a magazine.

Anyone who has been to a museum or gallery can attest to the impact that illumination can have on a painting or sculpture and that cannot be overstated. But finding the high-quality fixtures and installing them properly is another thing entirely. Fortunately, Phantom lighting designers can help find the perfect set of fixtures for a homeowner. See our image gallery for examples of art lighting upgrades.

art lighting upgrades

There are plenty of art lighting upgrades a homeowner can make over standard home illumination. Standard fixtures don’t provide the punch or precision that paintings and sculptures demand, so a display will require a boost if a homeowner wants to draw attention to their prized art pieces.

There are track fixtures, recessed fixtures, and fixtures that can be mounted to the subject itself. What many homeowners are finding, though, is that optical framing projectors offer a look that is unmatched by any other technology. Optical framing projectors are respected for their ability to contour the illumination to the subject, using a mask and a powerful halogen beam to align the illumination to the painting or sculpture’s edges. A projector is easy to install, and an expert can help with the placement. But what really sets these fixtures apart is the glow-like effect that emerges. The subject will appear to be lit from within, which is an effect worthy of the best galleries and museums in the world.

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