Imagine the ability to shape light itself at will and utilize its power to enhance and magnify key elements of the world’s finest artwork. With such a power you could illuminate the world’s masterpieces and bring to the forefront all of the major themes that make art supremely unique and timeless. Phantom Contour art projectors will give you this power, allowing you to be an artist in your own right as you showcase your collection’s finest elements with the most sophisticated effects found anywhere in the lighting industry. Art projectors by Phantom Lighting utilize technology found in no other art projector to create an experience where light and art become one.

All Art projectors work by shining a tightly focused beam directly onto a painting or sculpture. This enables collectors to spotlight individual works and create their own lighting themes. Many art projectors pose a problem in this respect, however, that often proves very frustrating both to professionals and patrons alike. Mainstream art projector equipment can spotlight a work too intensely; casting illumination past the piece itself onto the surrounding walls and floors. This side effect is known as “spill light” and creates a distracting nuisance to the overall aesthetic of the showing. Phantom art projectors eliminate spill light and unsightly shadows with proprietary technology developed in our Houston factory. Our projector technology allows collectors to have greater control of their lighting theme and a more refined presentation of the artwork itself.

Phantom art projectors offer the most precise placement of light that any lighting device in today’s market can deliver. Because they actually shape the light around the form of an object, we call them Contour projectors. They offer even more precise beam placement than adjustable accent lights that pool light around an object. Because Phantom art projectors match the field of illumination exactly to the surface of the piece, they makes it appear as though the light radiates from within the piece itself. Patrons call this optical effect “lighting from within,” and have come to prefer its precision and finesse above other, less sophisticated lighting methods.

Phantom Contour art projectors also offer a greater measure of photometric precision and fine-tuned beam spread that matches luminosity to the exact proportions and layout of a specific piece. Phantom art projectors combine precise adjustment with an exceptionally high color-rendering index. Galleries and museums prefer Phantom art projectors above competing models because this level of precision enables them to highlight details within artwork that create themes for public openings and special collections. Phantom art projectors adjust quickly to both sharp and soft focuses and fully complement any genre of art. This versatility enables the collector to set a mood equivalent to perceived artistic intention and to maximize the subjective impact of the showing.

Commercial interior designers have also recently joined the entourage of Phantom Contour Projector loyalists. A rapidly growing percentage of interior design professionals are using Phantom art projectors in conjunction with theatrical gobos to create image patterns that provide mood and ambiance in restaurants and clubs as well as showcase company logos in corporate offices and buildings on walls and floors.

The Phantom Contour experience unites technology with the abstract and creates an experience which utilizes the Universal elements of light to communicate the Universals aspects of artwork that make creativity the essence of human collective consciousness. Phantom representatives provide custom installation and consulting services throughout the United States, and they service both private and public arenas. Contact us or a lighting specialist in your area today for your next opening, event, or addition to your collection.