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When you walk into a big box store looking for lighting fixture systems for a display, you might find multiple options, but none of them will be customized to your specific needs.

Off-the-shelf lighting products are standard-issue and mass-produced, which often means they’re difficult to work with if your project doesn’t fit into the exact parameters deemed average enough to be worth marketing to a large audience. To get the best results for your project, consider working with a professional illumination designer who has access to a variety of lighting fixture systems to choose from as they craft a custom solution for your specific application.

There are many factors at play when choosing a lighting system for your display, including both the size and materials of the objects on display and the shelf or cabinet in which they are housed. Let the designers at Phantom assist you in choosing the correct lighting options to minimize glare and reflections, obtain the correct color temperature for the mood of your space, and select the most energy and space-efficient options for your project. Customizable lighting fixture systems are much more versatile and robust, and normally consist of specialty technology that is unique to an illumination designer.

If the piece of art you wish to display is mounted on the wall, an optical framing projector is the way to go. These projectors are offered by a handful of companies, but only Phantom’s proprietary contour projectors come with a special lensing apparatus that can be arranged to produce one of several beam spread options. This provides additional flexibility when installing the projector and when matching the projector’s beam to the subject.

When lighting a curated collection of objects that are displayed on a shelving unit or inside a cabinet, Phantom’s recessed strip lighting systems are the best option. Cabinet illumination products have to be flexible as well, as they are typically placed in tight spaces where they must be entirely concealed. This is something an illumination specialist should be called on to offer, as it takes precision to get the right effect.

If your shelves don’t have a lip or edge under which to conceal a big-box brand lighting strip, you will be left with an unsightly end result. Phantom manufactures several trim options that can be painted to fit seamlessly within any bookshelf or piece of furniture, be it an antique or a built-in in a brand new home. Phantom Lighting offers a wide range of lighting strip options that can be considered the building blocks to construct a great result for even the most challenging of applications.

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These are just a couple of examples, but the key takeaway is that an illumination expert has more than just advice to offer a homeowner – they also have superior products that are ideal for aesthetic purposes.

If you need help customizing your lighting fixture systems, contact the lighting designers at Phantom Lighting. We can help you craft a lighting solution designed specifically for you and anything you choose to put on display in your home or business. Our toll free number is 1-800-863-1184.

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