The key to a great design is choosing from the best lighting fixture systems, and the key to finding them is through professional guidance. Illumination designers can do nearly anything with the right technology, and often have several proprietary products to choose from. The truth is, a homeowner isn’t likely going to get what they want from a display using nothing but off the shelf, big brand technology. These products are standard issue and mass produced, which helps the company save money. It also ensures a product that is likely difficult to work with.

Customizable lighting fixture systems are much more versatile and robust, and normally consist of specialty technology that is unique to an illumination designer. Optical framing projectors, for example, are offered by a handful of companies, but only Phantom’s come with a special lensing apparatus that can be arranged to produce one of several beam spread options. This provides additional flexibility when installing the projector and when matching the projector’s beam to the subject.

Cove and cabinet illumination products have to be flexible as well, as they are typically placed in tight spaces where they must be entirely concealed. This is something an illumination specialist should be called on to offer, as it takes precision to get the right effect.

These are just a couple of examples, but the essential point is that an illumination expert has more than just advice to offer a homeowner. They also have superior products that are ideal for aesthetic purposes.