I am considering installing some new recessed art lighting fixtures in my home. The idea of a remodel housing and trim is very intriguing to me. How does your light fixture compare with other art lights on the market?

When you are talking about art lighting fixtures, you really have to break them down into three categories: Picture lights, accent lights and framing projectors.

Picture Lights
Surface mounted picture lights are the simplest form on art lighting used by galleries, consultants and homeowners. Picture lights are attached to the frame or wall and cords are either exposed or concealed behind the frame depending on the location of the receptacle. The picture light floods the art and produces heat that may be harmful to works of art. They are available in several styles and lengths to fit most art. Costs for this form of lighting is minimal.

Accent Lighting
Recessed accent light fixtures, typically MR16 fixtures, can be quite effective for illuminating art. The small aperture and high output of these lights makes them a favorite in both commercial and residential settings. The low voltage halogen light produces a good color and can be controlled to spot light or flood an object with light. MR16 lamps because of their dichroic reflectors are “Cool Beam” lamps and do not create harmful UV or infrared rays that damage art. Accent lights come in many shapes and sizes and are made by many manufacturers. Cost for this form of lighting is moderate.

Framing Projectors
Recessed optical framing projectors are by far the most dramatic and effective way to illuminate art or sculpture. Optical framing projectors produce a very high intensity focused light that can be manipulated to fit the exact contour of the object. Only a few companies promote optical framing projectors because they are so specialized and tedious to install. Some companies make simple framing projectors that must conform to a rigid formula and can only do square or rectangular art, masking the light with shutters. Others, are more complex and require a trained technician to hand cut templates masking the light to any shape. Costs for this form of lighting pictures can be high and does vary by manufacturer.

Phantom Contour Projectors are designed by a professional installer and have been engineered so a novice, do it yourselfer or qualified electrician can successfully illuminate art. The patented mounting method, simplified optical system and the ability to use both shutters and custom templates make this one of the most versatile and awesome fixtures on the market today. By shaping the light to only the canvas, the art takes on a “Lighted from within” look that can only be seen to appreciate.

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