There is the typical art display light, and then there is the art of light display. Two vastly different concepts, the contrast is palpable the moment one enters a room where creative masterpieces are showcased.

Standard picture lights are unrefined, basic fixtures that offer very little in terms of elegance, brilliance, and quality. At most suitable for perhaps a poster print, this type of illumination is hopelessly out of its league when it comes to exquisite works of art that, by nature, demand the best. The Phantom Contour line of projectors meets this requirement better than any other product on the market.

About Phantom's Fine Art and Display Lighting

Contour projectors not only challenge competing products and manufacturers, but also demonstrate superiority over traditional forms of art illumination, such as incandescent and fluorescent varieties. With the use of low-watt halogen bulbs, contour projectors generate an uninterrupted beam of light that creates a burst of colors and grasps the silhouette of a painting or sculpture in precise detail. They are safe to use on any type of material because they deflect possibly harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays.

Available in six models featuring a range of mounting techniques and housing styles, Contour projectors possess unparalleled flexibility and are highly customizable. All of this while delivering top-quality illumination, and maintaining a cost-effective price point. The fixtures can be used in concert with dimmers and gobo templates for additional effects.

Contour projectors are unobtrusive in design to minimize interruption to the ceiling. Most models can be painted, textured, and even wallpapered over. The Remodel Housing version is a unique, patented Phantom product. It is the only projector model on the market that eliminates cuts to the ceiling during installation.