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Halogen art lighting over the years has become wildly popular because no other technology compares when it comes to displaying paintings and other precious subjects until LED technology emerged onto the market. Halogen light sources of all shapes and sizes are quietly and quickly being discontinued and replaced with LED products.

Phantom made the transition from halogen sources to LED light sources in all its optical framing projectors in 2019. Our powerful art lighting projector is powered by a Cree XHP70 LED chip, nestled inside a concentric parabolic reflector that is then magnified and projector onto the artwork using a variable optics system.


Incandescent and fluorescent fixtures may be common in homes and businesses around the world, but LED is now the best for art lighting purposes. It is superior to incandescent fixtures because as it ages, it doesn’t burn off tungsten and leave soot residue along the inside of the bulb. This ensures steady output until the bulb gives out, which is a bit longer than incandescent bulbs. LED is also more efficient than incandescent illumination. It is preferred over fluorescent fixtures because even though it doesn’t have quite the efficiency as fluorescent illumination, it is far superior in regards to color rendering.

Color rendering Index values above 90 CRI are essential for presenting the subject with its actual color hues, something that is particularly important for professional settings like galleries and museums. Any fixture is only as good as its light engine, and Phantom lighting uses the best available LED light source for displaying artwork. We prefer the 3000K color temperature as is is similar to halogen light sources. Optional dichroic filters are available in 2700K (warmer) or 3500K and 4000K (cooler) if you have special requirements. Our lighting experts understand art lighting and how to use it to properly display your artwork.

The Phantom LED Projector come in five different housing types:

All of our housing models, with the exception of the Surface Mount model, are recessed into the ceiling so as not to draw attention away from your art. With our Float Finish model, the unique two-part cover plate is patched and painted to fit seamlessly into the ceiling, delivering a zero sightline result. Only a small cover plate is visible on the other housing models, and it can also be painted to better blend into a ceiling that isn’t white. Our motto at Phantom is “see the light, not the fixture,” and our line of recessed LED projector housings does exactly that!

Phantom LED Projector Cut sheets
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