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LED Art Lighting Projector – The Many Advantages

An LED art lighting projector is the best and most precise form of art illumination in the accent lighting category. LED art lighting projector are really powerful lighting tools that have earned an excellent reputation with art galleries, private art collectors and even world famous museums including The Smithsonian and Sistine Chapel.

The Phantom LED lighting projector is not just available to design professionals. Any homeowner can harness its power and efficiency for their own artwork with amazing results.

Features of a Phantom LED Art Lighting Projector:

Mesmerizing lighting effects – Nothing should distract from the subject, and Phantom’s LED art projector lighting won’t. That’s because a contour projector, when installed and configured properly, will not produce any glare or spill illumination. How is this possible?

The Phantom led art lighting projector offers excellent placement flexibility. They can be set in front of the subject, offset to the side or even placed far above the subject, if it is located in a room with high ceilings. This positional flexibility makes it easy to control glare, as the projector can be offset to bounce glare away from the observer. Light always bounces off of the subject at the same angle that it strikes the subject, so it’s simple to account for.

Spill illumination is also undesirable, as it lights up the surrounding wall rather than the subject. Spill may not seem like a major concern, but it flattens the subject out and keeps it from standing out from its environment. Phantom’s LED art lighting projector accommodates one of three masking methods, eliminating spill and ensuring the subject, and only the subject, is illuminated. Each of our masking attachments is detailed later in this article.

Combine one of those masks with a proprietary optical system, consisting of condensing and achromatic focal lenses, and the effect is something rarely seen in a residential setting. In short, the subject will appear as if it is lit from within or like it’s glowing. Even if you’ve had the art for decades, Phantom’s LED art projector lighting will show it off in a way never seen before.

Modern LED performance – LED lighting is currently the most promising development in the industry. LED lights have been around for decades, but only recently have they become a viable option for most applications. Now, an led art lighting projector will outperform every other illumination technology on the market.

Halogen has long been the reigning champion of display lighting, as its color rendering capabilities are tough to overcome. High-performance LEDs, though, can achieve color rendering index, or CRI, values of 90 or greater, which means they are close to sunlight in representing color. While halogen still have a minute edge in this regard, the difference is something most people would never notice, and would be impossible to notice without a side-by-side comparison of LED and halogen.

An LED art lighting projector also beats halogen in every other respect. High-performance LEDs last around 30,000 hours, compared to halogen’s 3,000 to 4,000. LEDs emit little heat and close to zero infrared or ultraviolet radiation, which means they are safe to use with any subject. That’s something that halogen cannot match. LEDs are also much more durable, energy efficient and controllable than halogen.

For our previous customers with Halogen projectors already installed, we now offer LED projector conversion kits for all our projector models including those with square or round housings, as well as surface mount models. This is not a simple lamp change, but a major upgrade that improves light levels, energy efficiency and overall performance. The conversion process involves changing the electrical power supply, updating the optical system and installing a high output LED light engine for maintenance free operation. The unique tri-dimming driver is compatible with forward phase (MLV), reverse phase (ELV) and 0-10V dimming.

Multiple housing options – Phantom can incorporate the LED art lighting projector into one of five housing designs, each built for a different and specific purpose.

The Remodeler Housing, which can be installed into existing ceilings without the need to patch and paint. It can even be installed between floors without having to patch or paint. This remodel housing designed for old work projects is a Phantom exclusive.

The Float Finish Housing is intended for a zero sight-line installation, which means it is built without a visible cover plate. The Float Finish model, then, is the least visible led art lighting projector in the marketplace, and ideal for homeowners that want something inconspicuous.

The New Construction Housing is, unsurprisingly, designed for new construction and is perfect for high-end residential buildings. It is installed prior to sheetrock ceiling placement and is mounted to trusses or joists. The New Construction model is finished with a white cover plate to minimize visibility.

The Top Access Housing is designed for homes where there is no bottom access to the projector. The access panel is instead available from the attic, and only a small aperture is required to fire the projector’s beam through, similar to a Wendel installation technique.

The Surface Mount led art lighting projector is designed for areas where a recessed model is not feasible or desired. Available in natural aluminum, white or black, the surface mount projector is perfect for blending into any decor.

Multiple masking methods – The XHP70 lamp and Phantom’s optics are what power and deliver the light, but it’s Phantom’s masking attachments that shape the beam to the subject. This is at the heart of the lit-from-within effect that a good led art lighting projector is known for. Phantom has a three masking options available, including:

Aluminum shutters – Phantom’s adjustable shutters are designed for use with paintings, photographs, illustrations and any other subject that is square or rectangular. The shutters can be moved around to screen out any light that doesn’t contact the subject, and they can be adjusted quickly to accommodate a variety of subject sizes and shapes.

Custom cut template – For subjects that are irregular in shape, a custom-cut template makes the most sense. Sculptures, models and art installations are best served by a custom cut brass template, because it is designed to fit the subject’s curves and edges perfectly.

Stainless steel gobo – If advanced lighting patterns are needed, such as theatrical lighting, a stainless steel gobo can provide the pattern.

Improved safety – Most lighting experts are confident that LED fixtures are safer to use with artwork, compared to halogen, incandescent and other options. That’s because LED lighting emits a fraction of the heat and radiation that halogen does. About 90 percent of the energy that goes into a halogen bulb is wasted as heat. LED lighting, by contrast, is often cool enough to touch. It is therefore safe to use in close proximity to heat-sensitive materials.

LED lighting is also ideal for subjects sensitive to UV radiation, including prints, fabrics and paintings. Like with heat, LED lighting emits a small amount of UV radiation, compared to other options. With reduced UV output, subjects will hold onto their color much longer.

All Phantom LED contour projectors are IC rated and tested by Intertek. IC rating means the our led art lighting projector can be installed in insulated ceilings, without the risk of fire. This is due to the low wattage led design of the projector, and the ability of the housing to safely dissipate the radiant heat. As such, the projector housing can be blanketed with insulation and remain safe. In buildings where there is a lot of insulation (this is common for energy efficient structures), an IC-rated projector is typically recommended.

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