With the right art lighting experts on your side, it’s possible to display any creative subject, from a single painting to a collection of photographs or a sculpture. When setting up a new display installation, it’s important not to settle for basic fixtures, even if the subject is vivid and visually interesting.

Any designer will tell you that no exhibit can bring people in by itself. That’s why museums and galleries focus so much of their effort on finding the right fixtures. When setup correctly, the right fixtures can add an incredible amount of visual interest to a piece.


The art lighting experts at Phantom are especially valuable if you’re having trouble selecting the right fixtures for your exhibit. Our professionals can help determine what will work best in terms of desired output, color rendering, and customizability. Some projects may only require a single frame mounted fixture, while others will need a sophisticated optical framing projector.

Phantom’s optical framing projectors are the most flexible in the industry and offer unparalleled illumination quality. Each projector uses halogen illumination, which is considered the best available for color rendering. The halogen beam is shaped to the subject so that there is no spill light. This is an underrated effect that few fixtures can duplicate, but once you see it, you’ll never be able to see your paintings the same way again. That’s because minimal spill illumination helps the subject pop off the wall and gain the attention it deserves.