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With the right art lighting experts on your side, it’s possible to display any creative subject, from a single painting to a collection of photographs or a sculpture. When setting up a new display installation, it’s important not to settle for basic fixtures, even if the subject is vivid and visually interesting.

Any designer will tell you that no exhibit can bring people in by itself. That’s why museums and galleries focus so much of their effort on finding the right fixtures using art lighting experts. When setup correctly, the right fixtures can add an incredible amount of visual interest to a piece.

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Get Advice From Art Lighting Experts

Depending on your situation and budget, art lighting experts may discuss the use of a contour framing projector. Phantom’s optical framing projector is one of several LED framing projectors on the market today and is headquartered in Houston Texas. Phantom’s precision lighting tools are discrete, powerful and produce a focused light source that can be shaped to fit the art. This magical lighting effect is accomplished by one of two masking methods using adjustable shutters for squares or rectangles or brass templates for irregular shaped objects or multiple objects. Recessed framing projectors are the most discrete installation method and surface mount projectors are available as needed – your art lighting experts will be able to help you decide the best fit.

Phantom’s optical framing projectors are the most flexible in the industry and offer unparalleled illumination quality. Each projector uses LED illumination, which is considered the best available for color rendering above 90 on the color rendering index. The light beam is shaped to the subject so that there is no spill light. This is an underrated effect that few fixtures can duplicate, but once you see it, you’ll never be able to see your paintings the same way again. That’s because minimal spill illumination helps the subject pop off the wall and gain the attention it deserves.

The Phantom Projector Complements Any Style of Décor

Because all of our housing models (with the exception of the Surface Mount) are recessed in the ceiling, the Phantom Contour Projector fits seamlessly into any style of home décor. Our motto is “see the light, not the fixture,” so adding Phantom projectors to your art collection will not detract in any way from the overall aesthetic of the room. In fact, it will enhance it by making your artwork appear to glow from within!

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No matter what style of art you’re looking to illuminate, the experts at Phantom Lighting in Houston Texas are ready to work with you to create the perfect lighting solution for your collection. Give us a call toll-free at 800-863-1184 or request a quote using our online form to get started.

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