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Phantom Agents receive many calls from lighting designers and electrical contractors wanting to know how best to install our linear strips as low voltage under cabinet lights. Designers in North, Central, and South America encounter a wide range of commercial and residential environments that require not only custom fixtures, but a specialized understanding of magnetic transformers, lamping options, and bulb types to remain competitive in budgetary bidding situations.

Low voltage under cabinet lights manufactured by Phantom are ideal for cost-conscious clients because they are innately power saving in nature and aesthetically superior due to their ease of concealment. The following are some frequently asked questions our Agents normally receive in regards to 12v under cabinet lights.

We have a lot of clients who request low voltage puck lights or fluorescent under cabinet lights specifically. How can we propose Phantom as an alternative? The key selling point would be the angle of lighting incident and the ease of concealment. Fluorescent lights shine forward and often send light straight into the eyes. Phantom lighting strips direct the light backward.

Our smaller magnetic transformers also make for easy installation and concealment, so they are much less visible than obtrusive puck lighting fixtures. If concerns over quality are raised, please refer to any number of technical documents that indicate how low voltage LED festoon replacement lamps are equivalent in energy consciousness to fluorescents and just as effective, if not superior, sources of light.

What do you recommend as low voltage under cabinet lights in residential kitchens?
That depends on the warmth of the color scheme. As a general rule, it is best to light cooler colors with cooler color temperatures, and to light warmer colors with warmer color temperatures.

Incandescent light works best with cooler colors, whereas xenon works ideally with bright and/or warm colors. You can really impress your prospective clients with custom marble and granite counter tops with a low voltage under cabinet lighting strip fitted with xenon festoons.

In commercial break room kitchens, you can install low voltage lights to replace the uncomfortable glare of fluorescents and maintain energy savings for your corporate clients. They will appreciate you greatly for making their in-house dining area more attractive to employees who are typically late getting back to work when they leave the building for lunch.

Does Phantom sell puck lights?
No, but we are willing to recommend some online sources. We also readily admit that there are times when puck lights do the job best. This is normally when are no reflective metal surfaces directly under the cabinet. Puck lights also work better under very large cabinets. This prevents the circle of light they create from appearing larger than the cabinet itself.

For smaller cabinets, or for cabinets that have metal appliances directly beneath them, consider low voltage kitchen cabinet lights by Phantom. As we have previously noted, our lamps point back toward the wall and direct the light away from any highly reflective, large appliance positioned directly beneath them.

Are Phantom strip lights able to dim?
Yes. Extremely cost-sensitive clients are often sold on this point alone. They like the fact that Phantom lighting used with Lutron dimmers give them direct control of how brightly the light shines and how much voltage it uses.

Does Phantom provide any special technology that can give our company a competitive edge against other firms?
We have the most sophisticated LED festoon lamps in the world, and we actually hold patents on their design. LED bulbs on any lighting system will require only 20% the electricity required by incandescent and xenon bulbs. When you subsequently install LED festoons on a low voltage, 12v under cabinet light fixture, the power savings are further multiplied to the client’s maximum advantage.

Our lamps output 50 lumens of light per unit—the highest output of any LED festoon on the market. We also can fit low voltage LED under cabinet lights with your client’s choice of five color temperatures which range from white, functional light to specialty, colored lighting for decorative displays and showcases. This makes them equivalent to xenon in aesthetics at significantly less expense.

If you would like to learn more about Phantom Lighting please contact us toll free at 1-800-863-1184 or request a quote online.  We would be delighted to assist you!

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