Masking light to fit art subjects is an emerging trend in the illumination design industry, and for good reason. This tactic is capable of showing off subjects in an entirely new way, and it works using design principles that people naturally respond to.

Only a handful of fixtures are capable of shaping illumination as it requires sophisticated technology. Phantom produces several fixtures that meet this standard, using proprietary lensing and shaping methods to create a sharp appearance.


Phantom’s optical framing projectors are designed for masking light to fit various art subjects, and they are available in several models. All of them, though, are mounted inside the ceiling and work by firing a shaped beam through a tiny aperture built into a cover plate. For the most part, Phantom’s projectors can be installed with minimal alteration to the ceiling, and no painting or patching is necessary. They can also be used to replace existing art fixtures, also with minimal tweaks to the ceiling.

The actual shaping is done using one of two attachments Phantom has designed for it projectors. The first is a metal cut slide, and this is better for sculptures and other complex items. In general, a metal cut slide is only compatible with a single subject or single layout of several subjects. Another option is Phantom’s adjustable shutters, which can be set to display rectangular or square pieces of nearly any size. With Phantom’s help, any precious piece, no matter the shape, age or size, can finally get the attention it truly deserves.