Do you have any before and after photographs showing the Phantom Contour Projector in a dining room setting? My interior designer wants us to install one for a new painting she just installed. I just want to see what a projector light looks like!

We have several nice before and after photographs of Phantom Contour Projectors in living rooms, libraries, studies, master bedrooms, dens and dining rooms. The above pictures illustrate the use of one 75-watt Contour Projector mounted inside a float finish housing. The projector cover plate was textured and painted to match the ceiling for a very clean look. The projector light is also on a dimmer control so that the intensity of the light can adjusted to match the mood of the setting.


Please let me know if you would like us to send our a complimentary color brochure or schedule a time for a consultant to call. We can be reached toll free at 800-863-1184 or online at www.phantomlighting.com. Phantom Lighting is an original equipment manufacturer who specializes in illuminating fine art with the Contour Projector or custom display lighting with light strips.

In a world of lighting manufacturers who market similar products with cliche claims to fame, Phantom Lighting stands apart as a source of proprietary technology whose adaptability makes it possible to meet each client’s lighting needs on an individual basis. This marriage of aesthetics and science has made Phantom Lighting a leader in lighting creation that enlightens the mind as much as it enlightens the room. We have lighting agents in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America who will answer any questions, provide literature and schematics, and arrange for local product demonstrations. Our team of experienced technicians is always willing to share their knowledge of fine art and display lighting. Feel free to contact us toll free, visit our mobile website or lighting blog to discover which Phantom Lighting products and models will best adapt to your particular lighting needs.

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