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“Do you have any before and after images of fine art lighting showing the Phantom Contour Projector in an office setting? My interior designer wants us to install one for a new painting in my office.  I want to see what a projector light looks like!”

We have several nice before and after images of fine art lighting using Phantom Contour Projectors in offices, living rooms, libraries, studies, master bedrooms, dens and dining rooms. Notice that the light is shaped exactly to the canvas with nothing lighting the walls. The magic of the contour framing projector is the ability to shape the light creating a lighted from within appearance. The projector cover plate can be textured and painted to match the ceiling for a very clean look. The projector light is also on a dimmer control so that the intensity of the light can adjusted to match the mood of the setting.

Our image gallery is a great place to explore and experience a wide assortment of images of fine art lighting we have completed using Phantom art lighting projectors, Phantom cabinet lighting products and Phantom cove lighting fixtures.

Before (projector off)

images of art lighting off

Art lighting technology from Phantom creates a "lit from within" effect on a vibrant artwork.

Phantom's art lighting technology is customized to fit a painting that showcases four lovely ladies in a bygone era.

After (projector on)

images of art lighting on

Art lighting technology from Phantom creates a "lit from within" effect on a vibrant artwork.

Phantom's art lighting technology is customized to fit a painting that showcases four lovely ladies in a bygone era.

Phantom Lighting is an original equipment manufacturer who specializes in illuminating fine art with the Contour Projector or custom display lighting with light strips.

In a world of lighting manufacturers who market similar products with cliché claims to fame, Phantom Lighting stands apart as a source of proprietary framing projector technology whose adaptability makes it possible to meet each client’s lighting needs on an individual basis. This marriage of aesthetics and science has made Phantom Lighting a leader in lighting creation that enlightens the mind as much as it enlightens the room.

Phantom can incorporate its LED art framing projectors into one of five housing designs, each built for a different and specific purpose.

The Remodeler Housing, which can be installed into existing ceilings without the need to patch and paint. It can even be installed between floors without having to patch or paint. This remodel housing designed for old work projects is a Phantom exclusive.

The Float Finish Housing is intended for a zero sight-line installation, which means it is built without a visible cover plate. The Float Finish model, then, is the least visible art lighting system on the market, and ideal for homeowners that want something inconspicuous.

The New Construction Housing is, unsurprisingly, designed for new construction and is perfect for high-end residential buildings. It is installed prior to sheetrock ceiling placement and is mounted to trusses or joists. The New Construction model is finished with a white cover plate to minimize visibility.

The Top Access Housing is designed for homes where there is no bottom access to the projector. The access panel is instead available from the attic, and only a small aperture is required to fire the projector’s beam through, similar to a Wendel installation technique.

The Surface Mount projector is designed for areas where  a recessed model is not feasible or desired. Available in natural aluminum, white or black, the surface mount projector is perfect for blending into any decor.

We have lighting agents in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America who will answer any questions, provide literature and schematics, and arrange for local product demonstrations. Our team of experienced technicians is always willing to share their knowledge of fine art and display lighting.

Together, the professionals at Phantom Lighting will ensure that your next project is an astounding success! For technical support or to request a quote, contact us toll free at 800-863-1184 today.  Our lighting experts and lighting agents are standing by to assist you!

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