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“My contractor suggested that I take a look at your adjustable shelf lighting system for some bookcases he is building for me. Can you please direct me to the right product for a new construction project. Thanks!”

Phantom Light Strips can be installed in many different ways. For adjustable shelves specifically, the strip lighting system can be installed using two distinct wiring methods. The Phantom fixtures are the same, it is just the way the power is distributed to the individual shelves. The wiring method is so unique, that we were awarded a US Patent for the design and it carries an ETL Listing for safety and design.

Here are links to both methods:

Phantom Adjustable Exposed (AE) Series
Designed for retrofit applications for existing cabinets that contain exposed metal shelf standards commonly used in built-in cabinets and bookcases.

Phantom Adjustable Concealed (AC) Series
Designed for new cabinets only where adjustable concealed buss bars are integrated into the mill work and positioned in line with drilled holes used for shelf support resulting in a completely discreet appearance.

Both of these Phantom low voltage linear strip lighting systems are completely adjustable so that the shelves can we moved without the need to disconnect any wiring or the use of tools. If you were planning to paint or stain the cabinet, I would go with the AE Series just to keep it simple. If you are using an exotic wood or just choose not to see the support brackets, I would go with the AC Series strip lights. Either way, you will love the results.

All of our linear strip lighting series are available in three different output levels:

  1. Classic – Utilizes individual xenon or LED festoon lamps
  2. Elite – Utilizes 1.8W or 2.2W per foot LED light tape
  3. Ultra – Utilizes 4.2W, 5.0W, or 7.5W per foot LED light tape

Contact us for more information or cut sheets on all of our specialty lighting products. We are an original equipment manufacturer who specializes in lighting for bookcases, breakfronts, cabinets, coves and other linear lighting applications. We also manufacturer the Phantom LED Contour Projector for fine art lighting.

Once installed, these cabinet lighting products will place your collection of precious belongings front and center. As a collection grows, Phantom’s fixtures will adapt to them. For more information on our custom LED lighting products please contact us toll free at 1-800-863-1184 or online using our request quote form.

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