When you need help with your lighting project, get expert technical assistance straight from the Phantom Factory!

The right technical lighting assistance can make all the difference when planning and installing art, cabinet or cove lighting equipment. Not only are there many factors to consider when simply choosing the right light fixture, there are also several steps involved in configuring it, installing it in your home or business, and ensuring that it operates correctly after installation. A knowledgable support person can help both professionals and homeowners during any stage of the lighting design process, preventing any obstacles from delaying the final result: elevated ambiance. Phantom Lighting’s support personnel and Phantom Lighting sales agents are responsive and knowledgeable, and act as a comprehensive resource for experts and beginners alike.

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No matter a person’s skill or experience level, Phantom Lighting technical assistance can help with a planned or ongoing project. These trained and experienced support representatives have facilitated a huge range of projects, and know what a professional is looking for and what a homeowner needs for any setting. They provide an ideal first point of contact for anyone working with the company’s fixtures, as they can offer solutions, alternatives, and connect people with expert designers or technicians if need be.

  • For homeowners who are not necessarily proficient in lighting design or electrical work, Phantom can answer any questions or explain different products and their respective specifications. Your house is your sanctuary and our company values the importance that the right lighting can have on both the form and function of a home. We will answer any questions you might have about your specific project and help you find a licensed professional installer in your area to ensure that the job is done right the first time.
  • For architects and designers who have a detailed vision in mind, but may not be proficient in electrical terminology, Phantom’s support staff can work with you to narrow down which products will achieve your desired result. We have years of experience in the design industry, so we understand the importance of mood lighting’s effect on a room and would be more than happy to help your vision come to fruition in any way we can.
  • For installers and licensed electricians working with Phantom Lighting products, we are here to answer any questions or make any clarifications necessary to ensure that your work can be completed efficiently and correctly. Our products are manufactured in-house, so we have a comprehensive knowledge of their mechanics and design. We hope that your positive experience will motivate you to suggest Phantom products to your clients in the future.

A Phantom Lighting fixture operates best with factory assistance from the very beginning of the project.

This level of dedicated support is available both during and after the product’s installation. Invariably, there will be some issue that needs to be hammered out, and Phantom’s support team can provide the answers. If major alterations need to be made to the system, Phantom’s factory support professionals can offer additional insight, so clients are never left without a solution. Call us toll-free at 1-800-863-1184 for assistance!

Although homeowners are used to basic illumination that is strictly functional, professional designers and architects know that the best way to achieve strong aesthetic illumination is with a flexible, customizable product. If an illumination product can only work in a single setting, at a single configuration, then it’s not going to make the list for most experienced professionals. That’s because unforeseen obstacles are standard when installing illumination products, and it’s best to work with a manufacturer that can remain versatile.

Versatility is the guiding concept behind each Phantom Lighting fixture, and factory assistance goes a long way to getting the product there. Manufacturing and design experts can do a lot with a product, altering its dimensions for a better fit, or suggesting an alternative that meets the professional’s needs better. For example, Phantom offers five optical framing projector models, each tailored to a certain setting. While they are similar in function, one performs better in new construction, while another works better in homes with only top access. Support personnel should not only be able to make meaningful alterations to a product, but also match the client with the product they could use best.

Phantom products are manufactured in Houston, TX – in the same building as our support staff!

A fixture manufacturer is only as organized and efficient as its support crew, which is why Phantom considers its support team an essential element of its operations. Locating the ideal lighting fixture is possible with factory assistance through a manufacturer like Phantom. The fact is, there are many illumination products on the market, and sifting through them all can feel like an endless task. Professionals don’t have time or need to put out the effort to go through every option, and should only have to consult with a manufacturer’s technical personnel to get the information they need. This is what makes Phantom a natural choice for designers and architects alike.

Phantom Lighting technical assistance is particularly helpful to professionals planning a sophisticated display project. The planning phase is where most of the essential details are organized and set in stone, so architects and designers prefer to review all of their options before settling on any fixtures. Support professionals are essential to this end, as they can explain the company’s products and their specifications. With this information, a professional will have all of the data they need to sketch out a display and select the right fixtures for their project.

Ongoing support is critical too, as challenges tend to come up when putting together an advanced display. A representative can troubleshoot a problem or offer ideas on how to modify the fixtures for a better fit. And, of course, if the challenge requires an expert designer, they can help connect the professional or homeowner with the appropriate person.

A lighting fixture, with factory assistance, can do much more than just illuminate a space. High quality, sophisticated illumination technologies are extremely versatile and robust enough to operate in many settings. Configuring them to do so, though, takes expert guidance.

Phantom’s technical experts, for example, can alter an LED or xenon strip so that it fits into a cabinet or cove perfectly. A technical expert can offer a number of masking options or lensing arrangements to a professional, each of which can finely shape a projector beam. A technical expert can offer one of several aiming trims to an installer, allowing them to control illumination inside a cabinet or cove. Transformer options, driver selection, color temperature choices – there are plenty of variables involved when putting together Phantom’s products, and its support experts can help an architect, designer, or any other illumination provider realize their project’s potential.

Based in Houston, Phantom Lighting Systems is devoted to transforming your surroundings into visual masterpieces through cutting-edge lighting solutions married with stunning design. We invite you to call 1-800-863-1184 toll-free or request a quote using our online form for complimentary design assistance.