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Phantom Projectors and Rosco gobos provide an ideal source of concealed ambient lighting.

Phantom’s uniquely sized housings and lens designs allow for a 65mm Rosco gobo to fit like a lens over a lens, creating a fixed black and white or color pattern that lighting designers, architects, and artists can use for any number of ambient and theme lighting purposes.

Restaurants, doctors’ offices, corporate seminars, and trade shows will be significantly enhanced through the tandem application of select Rosco gobo patterns and the patented, optical photometric qualities of the Phantom projector.

Many ambient lighting situations call for low-key illumination and patterns of light and shadow that produce a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. We see this in many five star restaurants, where management strives to create an alternate reality of comfort and mystique that offers relief from the stress of daytime activities. Phantom Projectors and Rosco gobos can significantly enhance restaurant mood lighting when fitted with a steel Rosco gobo that projects a clear, sharp image due to a double-sided etching process Rosco utilizes to prevent pattern blurring.

Phantom’s proprietary “lighting from within” synthesizes light with the pattern of the Rosco gobo itself, presenting light and shadow as two forces in a complementary relationship to one another rather than polar opposites locked in conflict. This harmonious presentation works well to create a sense of balance and peace that makes a night on the town a valued experience to be remembered.

In other lighting situations where color plays a significant role in producing human emotions, Phantom Projectors and Rosco gobos  can be combined with filters to produce ornate color lighting patterns. Many doctor’s offices are now using a Phantom projectors and Rosco gobos to project patterns of color that minimize patient stress and fears. Creating a feeling of peace, stability, and assurance of well being is an important component of bedside manner and offers a powerful psychological tool that serves to compliment the physical elements of medical treatment. Phantom Lighting manufactures a variety of projector models that can install seamlessly into any medical office and project relaxing, upbeat patterns of color into waiting areas, laboratories, and visitation rooms.

Event planners constitute another group of professionals who benefit from Phantom projectors fitted with custom Rosco gobo designs. As trade shows and seminars rely heavily on company branding, corporations can maximize their visual impact by ordering a silkscreen Rosco gobo that presents their logo in vivid color and sharp detail. The Phantom Projector can then project this image onto a large screen or equivalent surface to deliver a powerful visual compliment to the organization’s presentation and public presence. Seminar Speakers can also utilize these patterns as a backdrop to keynote, humorous, and motivational themes that pertain to the event.

Phantom’s customer service staff works in close partnership with Rosco manufacturing and will gladly help event planners, marketing directors, and professional speakers develop a custom gobo specific to their needs and fit the design directly to the projector prior to installation.

Phantom projectors and Rosco gobos add maximum impact to any number of lighting design themes. Phantom is happy to partner with Rosco to deliver not only superior lighting effects, but also to offer a greater variety of options than previous technologies have provided.

Call Phantom Lighting today for more information on how Rosco designs and Phantom Lighting products can create atmospheres and themes found nowhere else in lighting design. We can be reached toll free at 800-863-1184 or contact us for a free consultation.

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