There are a number of things you should keep in mind when searching online through the seemingly endless number of shelf lighting options today’s market offers.

Keeping a few rules of thumb in mind will not only help you select optical shelf lights for your particular display, but also lead you to the conclusion that efficiency and innovation are the keys to putting your collectibles, rare books, and even retail merchandise into a whole new, superior realm of impeccable light.

LED Shelf lights should always evenly distribute illumination within the enclosed space of a bookshelf, display case, or specialty furniture piece. The light should never “spill” too far outward into the room. In shelf lighting, self-containment and a less is more approach to equipment are the two keys to glare free radiance and specialty effects that highlight and accentuate.

Shelf lights need to conserve power and in certain cases minimize heat. Ideally they should offer both low-voltage fixture options and dimmable lamping capability. At the same time, they must be bright enough to render colors accurately and accent the displayed objects with both required and optional lighting effects. Most importantly, shelf lighting achieves maximum aesthetic results when the equipment itself remains concealed, so that viewers only sees the contents under display highlighted by ambient combinations of luminosity and appropriate degrees of coloration.

Phantom’s series of specialized strip lighting fixtures fulfills all of these requirements with exceptional display and showcase lighting. Phantom strips eliminate wires as conductors by using existing metal shelf standards to power small lamps embedded in the surface of the strip fixture itself and with remote low voltage transformers. Phantom offers four major lamping options to cover the full gamut of both retail and in-home shelf lighting needs.

Read our full-length informative article on showcase shelf lighting and study our product specifications now to learn more about each of the specific bulb types and fixture designs we offer, and which of our Phantom strip lights will best place your fine books and collectibles on display in a whole new, superior light….