Most homes and businesses use under shelf lighting for its versatility, energy efficiency, and safety. It is easily concealed from view and its brightness is controllable. It has a multitude of uses besides displaying pieces in bookcases or shelving units. Most strip luminance is utilized for task illumination – food preparation, office luminance, or reading. Specialized strip illumination is used in grocery stores to provide luminance in dairy cases, meat cases, and the produce section because it does not emit enough heat to cause products to spoil faster. Cosmetic departments utilize it because their products are not affected by excessive heat. Jewelry stores use specialized strip illumination because quality lighting brings vibrancy to the different gems and precious metals.

In private residences, under shelf lighting can be used in any room – from kitchen to living room to the bathroom. LED luminance ribbons are an excellent alternative to overhead traditional vanity fixtures in a bathroom. They can be mounted behind mirrors giving a glare-free, soft illumination that creates visual interest and an overall pleasant ambience. Parents should also consider LED ribbons as a substitute for nighttime illumination in a child’s bathroom over traditional nightlights, due to the ability to dim the lights more. Another excellent use for specialized strip illumination is for mounting behind flat panel televisions. It provides indirect lighting without screen glare, and reduces eye fatigue and eyestrain that can lead to headaches. LED ribbons can produce different colors and create a different mood for whatever entertainment is showing.

Under shelf lighting is an excellent alternative to overhead illumination. It is safer to use against flammable surfaces and textiles. It does not emit harmful UV radiation, so it will not ruin priceless heirlooms or artwork. Specialized strip illumination is an overall great investment for any business or home wanting to upgrade and enhance their spaces.