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Remodeler art lights by Phantom are among the few options available to homes undergoing significant renovations. Optical framing projectors are usually the best illumination solution for any setting, but only Phantom has produced a projector for remodeler settings.

Installation can be in new construction or existing homes, drywall ceilings or plaster ceilings, and can even replace existing art fixtures. It’s so versatile, in fact, that it can have a pinhole cover plate that makes it perfect for illuminating tabletops.


Phantom’s RM projector series is the ideal option for people looking for remodeler art lights. The reason it’s the best choice is because it is an extremely compact, cylindrical design. Unlike rectangular housing designs, which have a tendency to bump into other things when placed in a shallow ceiling, the RM’s cylindrical shape keeps it away from any obstacle above the ceiling.

Even with its additional versatility, the RM series gives nothing back in power or flexibility. Like Phantom’s other optical framing projector, the RM uses halogen illumination for excellent color rendering and can be fitted with either a set of adjustable shutters or a cut metal slide. Both are capable of shaping the beam to the subject’s exact dimensions, eliminating spill illumination and creating the perfect spot for your artwork to shine.

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