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Sometimes, a recessed art fixture is neither feasible nor desired, and when it isn’t, a surface mount optical projector may provide the perfect solution. The fact is, when choosing an art fixture for a painting or sculpture, the decision often comes down to aesthetics.

Some homeowners don’t care for a fixture that is unconcealed, while others aren’t bothered by it. If an unconcealed art fixture isn’t a concern, then Phantom’s SM series of projectors can offer the performance and utility homeowners expect from a cutting edge display light.


A Contemporary Picture Deserves The Best Lights

Phantom’s SM series is a surface mount optical projector that can secure to nearly any surface, including ceilings and the tops of tall furniture. In fact, if there is a platform high enough off the ground, it may be possible to place the light on top of it and keep it out of sight from ground level. That way, a homeowner gets the superior economy of the SM series along with the concealments that homeowners often prefer.

The SM series has a pair of condensing lenses and a pair of focal lenses, which work together to collect and magnify the light produced by the halogen source. Because the SM series is crafted with a proprietary, sophisticated lensing apparatus, it can be set to emit one of several beam angles. Masking techniques, like shutters or a metal template, can hone the beam spread even more and help shape an extremely precise beam of powerful light. This may sound like a lot for a piece of art, but once you see the difference, you’ll know why Phantom’s lighting is in residential and commercial properties around the country.

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