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With LED display lighting for a butler’s pantry, a homeowner can bring out the elegance and carefully crafted look that these rooms are meant to show off. Diode fixtures are a perfect fit for these spaces because they are usually filled with cabinetry. Much of this cabinetry is for display purposes as well as storing away valuable silver, China, and other dining implements. With open faced and glass cabinetry, beautifully crafted illumination can make a huge visual impact.

Phantom’s LED display lighting is ideal for a butler’s pantry because it is designed to be as flexible as possible. It is built with an extremely compact design that makes for easy concealing, and with one of several trim options, it is possible to meter the illumination out into the perfect angle. As a result, there’s no worry of the fixtures producing illumination that is too intense or dim. Of course, with Phantom’s dimmer controls, a homeowner doesn’t have to worry about output level at all, as the fixtures can be set to the perfect brightness.

And for rooms that have adjustable cabinetry, Phantom also offers a version of its Elite and Ultra fixtures made for moveable shelving. Produced with concealable drivers and no exposed wiring, the adjustable Elite and Ultra can be readjusted at a moment’s notice, making it possible to get many looks out of a single installation. That’s the kind of flexibility that Phantom offers its clients.

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