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“The Phantom Contour Projector is exactly the kind of lighting fixture I am looking for to highlight a very large contemporary work in my home. Do you have any examples of installations that you have done with two or more Contour Projectors? I want to just light the art and not the wall around it. Can you send me a cut sheet on the lighting fixture that I can give to my electrician? Thanks for your help!”

Shaping the light to fit the exact contour of the art is exactly what you can do with one or more Phantom Contour Projector. With multiple lighting fixtures, even the largest works of art can be precisely illuminated! Actually, lighting large works of art is just one of the many benefits of using an optical framing projector over other light sources. For example, you can’t really do this with MR16 accent light and keep the light off the wall. At best, you can spot the art very nicely, but you will always have some spill light or shadows cast on the wall from the light source.

The three pictures shown here illustrate lighting a 13′ wide painting with two Contour Projectors. The first image shows the light from one projector before the shutters were adjusted, the second image shows both projectors before the shutters were adjusted, and the third shows the final result, after the shutters were adjusted. Note that the two circles of light cover the entire piece overlapping in the middle to evenly illuminate the entire canvas. The lights are mounted roughly 10′ apart and are aiming at oblique angles to the art. The results are spectacular!

Not only can multiple Phantom projectors be used in tandem to light oversize works, a single Phantom projector can be used to illuminate multiple small works at the same time.

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