Buying lighting direct from the manufacturer is becoming more popular among homeowners for a few important reasons. Retail options are usually inferior to fixtures that can be purchased through manufacturers, and manufacturers are often willing to work with buyers to secure comparable pricing.

Homeowners can also guarantee a better result by working with a company without a middleman. People interested in purchasing fixtures in this fashion will have a variety of choices, but Phantom is the ideal choice in this situation.

Why Consider Buying Lighting Direct From Manufacturers?

Why should homeowners consider buying lighting direct from manufacturers?

Shopping for illumination technology can be a frustrating experience, as there are so many products available, and they can all appear to be similar. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with inferior knockoffs that are designed to look like premium fixtures. These shoddily built fixtures won’t offer anything approaching the performance that premium products will, but many homeowners won’t realize this until the fixtures are installed. That is a major issue because even the smallest problems can mean big performance dips in the illumination industry.

Even retailers that offer reputable brands, though, will usually not stock the higher end technology, as this is reserved for particular clients. Homeowners that want something unique will often have no choice but to approach a manufacturer. That isn’t a bad thing, though, as manufacturers might be able to offer a product that the homeowner hadn’t even considered.

Retailers are generally not knowledgeable about the products they sell, which can be frustrating if there are any problems with the fixture. Manufacturers are intimately familiar with the products they sell and can provide solutions for any problems that come up. Many small manufacturers are also willing to maintain close communication with clients, ensuring that no problem goes unresolved.

For many years, the belief was that ordering through a manufacturer would cost much more than buying through a retailer. The reasoning for this is large manufacturers have dedicated distribution channels that they need to protect, and selling to clients outside of a distribution channel threatens their relationships with retailers. Smaller manufacturers, though, usually don’t have these dedicated distribution chains, so they are much more willing to offer competitive pricing.

Why should homeowners consider buying lighting direct from Phantom?

Phantom has been selling to homeowners since its foundation, and this is the way we prefer to do business. Phantom’s fixtures are strongly preferred among installers, architects, and electricians, and one of the reasons why is because Phantom can offer dedicated support. Phantom also customizes its products for every installation, something that larger manufacturers have trouble doing. For this reason, Phantom stands out even among smaller manufacturers and is the best choice for people looking to cut out the middleman.

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