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I am an art consultant in Southern California who is familiar with projection lighting by other companies. I saw your lighting fixtures at Light Fair 2005 in New York and have wanted to use them ever since learned about them. I finally have an art lighting application that requires a very special fixture. The room is two stories tall, glass on both sides and does not have attic access. Can the Phantom Contour Projector shoot across the room and still frame the art?


Yes it can! The Phantom Contour Projector produces a focused light source and the lenses can be changed to accommodate a long narrow throw of light. Likewise, you can change the lenses to illuminate a large painting by expanding the beam pattern, without loosing the ability to set the focus.

We recently photographed an installation in Texas that is very similar to what you are describing. The above images show both a daytime and nighttime shot of the room. In this application, one Phantom Contour Projector was used to illuminate the large contemporary painting mounted vertically above the fireplace. The Phantom projector was mounted on the opposite wall, inside the coat closet next to the front door and penetrated the wall roughly 8′ up from the floor and the light projects some 30′ across the room with dramatic results. The small wall penetration was only 1 1/2″ in diameter and can hardly be seen from anywhere in the room. The installer used a custom template to mask the light from hitting the wall, creating a floating effect. It’s like the painting is “Lighted from within” and the soft colors of the art can be seen in detail, as the artist intended.

Phantom lighting systems manufactures specialty lighting fixtures such as the Contour Projector for art lighting and Phantom light strips for display lighting. For more information or to request a color brochure contact Tom Kretzschmar toll free at 800-863-1184. Every application is different, so just give us a call and we will help you engineer an quality lighting solution. Check out our gallery for images of other exciting installations.

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