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When it comes to finding the best picture light, there is an unwritten truism: Refined art deserves sophisticated illumination.

The purchase of a masterpiece or the restoration of an antique often constitutes a significant investment. And just like a prized race horse would hardly be kept in a rickety shack, so fine art must be properly illuminated to allow all of its features to shine with breathtaking brilliance.

A picture light is available in a variety of types, and most certainly have their place in the vast realm of general purpose art lighting.

Battery-powered LED lamps offer easy installation and basic illumination for simple applications. While rarely pleasing to the eye and notoriously intrusive, they are generally very affordable, highly mobile and energy efficient.

So-called Expo lights also have strong points: Their halogen bulbs provide excellent color-rendering and are safe to use on canvas and paints for a limited period of time. They are available as all-inclusive kits that consist of a mounting bracket, bulb, adjustable arm and the fixture itself. Their performance is hampered, however, by their lack of lenses and filters, ultimately generating basic illumination without added features.

Then there is the Phantom line of Contour Projectors. Fine art connoisseurs have known for a few years now that this jewel in the world of fine art illumination is unchallenged in terms of performance, elegance and technology. A fixture, so to speak, in galleries and museums worldwide, Contour Projectors are now also finding their way into the homes of private art collectors, upscale businesses and high society venues.

Contour projectors astound art collectors with their unparalleled versatility, exceptional optics, and low-profile designs, making them the number one choice in fine art illumination for those whose valued treasures deserve nothing but the best.

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