Fine art lighting is not like any other form of illumination. It must represent beautiful works in all their glory without overwhelming the observer. If these fixtures are poorly installed or manufactured, they may wash out the vibrant colors in the subject or distract people with their intensity.

For this reason, many venues rely on the projectors produced by Phantom. A ceiling mounted projector from Phantom keeps a low profile, requires little energy, and can be customized to fit any art piece.

Fine art lighting focuses on the subject rather than the light.

Simple incandescent or fluorescent bulbs are not appropriate for fine art lighting. Both produce color temperatures that are either too warm or too cool, often distorting the inherent color in the piece. They cannot be placed in a way that best flatters the subject, reducing the impact the piece has on observers. LED and halogen projectors solve these problems with superior technology and smart designs.

LED and halogen projectors both require less energy than an incandescent or fluorescent fixture. As a result, they are less expensive to operate and pose less of a fire risk. This is important, because display projectors must be kept on for hours at a time. They also produce illumination that is very close to neutral white, which does not alter the color in the subject.

Phantom’s projectors are designed to maintain a low footprint when mounted in the ceiling, and a low profile when activated. They can even be installed in a ceiling that has very little attic space. Versatility is a major design concept for Phantom, so its projectors can illuminate horizontally or at an angle. They can also be calibrated to properly illuminate an object of any shape.

The result is an elimination of spill, or illumination that extends beyond the subject. This contoured fine art lighting, therefore, can give the subject a glow that looks like it is coming from within. This allows the focus to remain on the artwork rather than the light.