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Phantom Lighting sales agents and representatives are part of a network across the country that are ready to assist you with your project!

Phantom lighting sales agents are responsible for many services beyond typical sales and marketing – they act as lighting designers and planning consultants, procurement specialists, installation coordinators, and the first line of technical support. Click here to find a Phantom Lighting sales agents in your area!

Commercial Applications – Phantom Lighting sales agents primarily work in the commercial arena with architects, designers, distributors, and contractors to specify commercial lighting equipment from factories they represent. In these cases, the goal of the representative is to determine whether Phantom Lighting products are an appropriate fit for the job and to have them specified in the bid package on the fixture schedule. Once that specification is written, and the builder follows the specifications during construction, the representative is responsible for working with the factory to see that the order is placed and shipped correctly.

Residential Projects – Phantom Lighting sales agents frequently visit residential customers to verify existing job conditions and to assist with product selection. Once the lighting representative determines that Phantom Lighting Strips or Phantom Contour Projectors are a fit, the work is referred to a lighting distributor or contractor. An international network of agents now extends itself from Canada to Argentina—offering education, support, sales, and custom ordering services in three major languages to businesses, schools, public offices, retail chains, and fine homes throughout North, Central, and South America. While Phantom primarily markets its technology through Internet channels; sales, service, installation, and support are still managed locally through our lighting representative network.

What types of training and certifications do Phantom Sales Agents normally obtain?

US Phantom lighting sales agents train extensively in Phantom lighting technology itself. They learn lighting fixtures, electrical design, low voltage lighting configurations, lamping options, and bulb types. This technical skill set forms the foundation upon which the Phantom manufacturing sales rep builds a commercial or residential lighting design. Most phantom lighting sales agents are members of the American Lighting Association.

Architectural expertise also plays a pivotal role as well in our lighting arrays. Interior architecture often features custom designs that require careful scrutiny and special customization of Phantom Contour projectors and Low Voltage Lighting Systems. Sales reps frequently cross train with architectural firms to learn how to spot these nuances and customize product orders at the factory level.

Do Phantom’s manufacturing sales reps offer phone-based or face-to-face consultation?

Both – sales representatives for Phantom manufacturing are renowned for their consultations skills. They have been trained to listen very carefully to client objectives and to meticulously examine commercial and residential environments. Detailed assessment is paramount prior to choosing any equipment.

Once our sales representatives determine that Phantom products are a fit for the needs at hand, manufacturing is then fed the details of client consultation, design plans, and data collected from the environmental analysis. This allows the factory to custom build each LED lighting strip specific to a client’s office or home, and even fine tune the product to specific lighting requirements.

Do Phantom lighting sales agents do actual lighting design?

In terms of detailed planning and product customization, yes. It is necessary for our agents to handle the planning phase of design for two reasons. First, it ensures that the proposed design and the manufactured end product fit together hand in glove. Secondly, it makes it easier for contractors to safely configure and install the fixtures themselves because our lighting sales agents and lighting representatives have already laid the groundwork for them.

Phantom Lighting installation is carried out by contractors whom we rely upon who know our technology and have the advanced skills necessary to properly install and configure Phantom products. Phantom manufacturing sales representatives coordinate procurement, shipping, and installation of our products. This service is provided both as a courtesy to our clients and as a guarantor of product quality. Customized, sensitive equipment must be shipped, handled, and installed by qualified professionals. The Phantom Lighting factory in Houston, Texas also provides free lighting design consultation services.

Do Phantom manufacturing sales representatives offer technical support?

Yes. They distribute product information free of charge to all serious inquirers and routinely attend trade shows. Phantom lighting sales agents also make it a point to integrate customer service into the sales cycle from consultation to closing. Should any technical support issues arise, the agent is the first point of contact for troubleshooting and solution coordination. The Phantom Lighting factory in Houston, Texas also provides free technical assistance.

Are you a lighting agent interested in joining the Phantom sales team?

We are always looking to add new representatives to our sales team! We are specifically seeking agents in California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia. Please click here to submit your information! If you have any questions, please contact Phantom Lighting for a complementary lighting design consultation in Houston of call toll-free at 800-863-1184.

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