A recessed framing projector produces light that no other fixture technology can match, which is why they are often used in settings that demand visual impact. Phantom has installed this technology in a number of venues, including art galleries, and the response is almost always one of amazement.

It is hard to believe that such a small package can deliver such precise illumination, but in this case, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Every recessed framing projector shapes the light before it hits the subject, using some of the most sophisticated technology in the business.

Contour Projector really highlights artwork!

It starts with a powerful halogen engine that emits a flawless stream of illumination. This beam is handled and focused by a unique lensing apparatus that only Phantom has access to, and the final subtle contouring is achieved by one of two masking methods. By the time the beam reaches the subject, it has been shaped to fit is precisely, leaving no spill light. In the right settings, spill illumination can look interesting, but all too often it is excessive and distracting. By removing the spill illumination, only the subject itself is lit up, imparting what many people describe as a glow, as it is the source of its own illumination. This effect is possible because all of Phantom’s contour projector fixtures fit seamlessly into the ceiling and only need an unobtrusive cover plate and aperture to cast the illumination. It’s a remarkably simple solution to any display light setting.