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Residential Lighting: An Illumination Plan for Each Room

Creating a lighting design plan for your home can seem daunting at first, but Phantom Lighting products are designed and manufactured to simplify the process of achieving stunning illumination throughout your residence. With decades of experience in residential lighting, the experts at Phantom are ready to help you come up with a lighting design plan for any of the rooms in your house! Depending on the room you’re planning to illuminate, there are specific products in our repertoire that are frequently used, which is what we’ll discuss in this article. However, with our multiple housing options for optical framing projectors and variety of LED linear lighting systems, we can work with you to formulate any plan that you or your interior designer can dream up!


Bathroom Lighting

The placement of home accent lighting fixtures is extremely important in brightening bathroom vanity areas. Shadows are particularly undesirable in achieving a flattering appearance for a person standing in front of the mirror. Cross-illumination is one way to eliminate shadows; another technique is to ensure that pools of light from overhead lamps overlap for even brightness.

Most suitable Phantom products:
Task Lighting | Cove Lighting


Dining Room Lighting

Dining room lighting can be functional and attractive when chosen carefully for the space and its contents. Once an untouched, formal room with a chandelier, saved for holiday meals, dining rooms are finding more purpose as family game night areas and overflow workspaces.

As this part of a home has evolved in its use, the traditional decor has become less common. Consumers are instead looking at all types and styles of fixtures in order to determine what will achieve personal satisfaction, visual appeal, and maximized purpose.

Most suitable Phantom products:
Art Lighting | Cove Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

As both a functional workspace and the heart of the family home, kitchens have a myriad of opportunities for enhanced lighting. Cabinet lighting looks great within shelving units and task lighting greatly improves the food preparation process, while together creating an invitingly warm aesthetic.

The same benefits can be had by residential cocktail bars and butler’s pantries, as they are often extensions of the kitchen and feature similar cabinetry and countertops.

To learn more about how Phantom Lighting products can improve your kitchen’s form and function, please view our Comprehensive Guide to Kitchen Counter Lighting.

Most suitable Phantom products:
Task Lighting | Cabinet Lighting

Living Room/Den Lighting

Living rooms have several opportunities for lighting design because they often contain a dynamic combination of cabinetry/shelving, art pieces, and architectural coves. Everything in Phantom’s product line can fit seamlessly into your living room or den design, no matter the style of decor.

Most suitable Phantom products:
Cabinet Lighting | Art Lighting | Cove Lighting

These are only a few examples of rooms that can be greatly improved by Phantom Lighting products – we also illuminate residential libraries, wine cellars, or any room in your house that has display cabinets, architectural coves, or fine art! Our products are manufactured in-house, so we can work with you on custom projects as well. Contact the experts at Phantom by calling toll-free at 800-863-1184 or request a quote using our online form.

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