Contour Project Lighting Assembly CutAs a curator of a fine art gallery, I am always worried about protecting the art from infrared and ultraviolet light. We have very few windows in the gallery but, I am concerned about the halogen light fixtures we use causing damage over time. Does your Contour Projector produce the same kind of light?

The Contour projector has several glass lenses, including a special ultraviolet filter, that eliminate these harmful light rays. That is why you see the Contour framing projector as the art lighting equipment of choice for some of the most precious art objects and pictures in the world.

Infrared rays cause the temperature of the paintings surface to rise when the bulb is on, and then drop back to normal after the light has been turned off. If this on/off cycle goes on long enough problems such as fading, cracking, and deterioration of the picture itself can take place. Your artwork can be permanently destroyed because of this.

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