The Interior Designer’s Guide to Phantom Lighting

Phantom products are the perfect addition to an interior designer’s repertoire because they provide a luxurious enhancement to every project, regardless of style.

Our motto is “see the light, not the fixture” because our lighting systems are designed to be concealed from view, so they can be installed in any home, from the extremely minimal and modern to the ornate and traditional.

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Fine Art Lighting – The interior designer’s guide to Phantom Lighting!

Art pieces, like paintings or sculptures, are often the focal point of a well-designed room and they deserve to be illuminated as though they’re in a museum. You’ve no doubt spent a lot of time seeking out the perfect pieces of art for your client’s home and there is no better way to highlight them than with our optical framing projectors. Our LED projector provides unparalleled light quality and with its multiple housing options, its sure to be the perfect fit for any project. We have created this interior designer’s guide to Phantom Lighting as a way of educating design professionals about and comparing optical framing projectors.

  • The Remodeler Projector Housing, which can be installed into existing ceilings without the need to patch and paint. It can even be installed between floors without having to patch or paint. This remodel housing designed for old work projects is a Phantom exclusive.
  • The Float Finish Projector Housing is intended for a zero sight-line installation, which means it is built without a visible cover plate. The Float Finish model is the least visible art lighting system on the market, and ideal for homeowners that want something inconspicuous.
  • The New Construction Projector Housing is, unsurprisingly, designed for new construction and is perfect for high-end residential buildings. It is installed prior to sheetrock ceiling placement and is mounted to trusses or joists. The New Construction model is finished with a white cover plate to minimize visibility.
  • The Top Access Projector Housing is designed for homes where there is no bottom access to the projector. The access panel is instead available from the attic, and only a small aperture is required to fire the projector’s beam through, similar to a Wendel installation technique.
  • The Surface Mount Projector is designed for areas where a recessed model is not feasible or desired. Available in natural aluminum, white or black, the surface mount projector is perfect for blending into any décor.

What sets our optical framing projector in our interior designer’s guide to Phantom Lighting apart from the competition is the ability to mask the light to fit the exact contours of the art on display without any light spillage on the wall behind it. For square or rectangular paintings our adjustable shutters are the best option, while our hand-cut brass templates are is the most visually-impressive option for irregularly-shaped pieces of art or multiple paintings lighted from one projector. We also offer a gobo masking option, which is a great choice for commercial projects where you’d like to display a theatrical pattern or company logo.

Your clients are sure to be amazed at the way their art appears to be illuminated from within – this effect is especially spectacular at night when there is no daylight to create shadows. Consider using a Phantom LED optical framing projector in your next design project and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions! Our interior designer’s guide to Phantom lighting details many fine art lighting tools that will make your project unique and delight your client.

Display Cabinet Lighting – The interior designer’s guide to Phantom Lighting!

Interior designers know better than anyone that the design of a display within built-in cabinetry can make or break a room. Many homes, especially ones built within the last decade, feature built-in cabinetry in several rooms and there is a wide variety of ways to style these displays. Clients often use these as places to showcase their prized collections, favorite decorative objects, or book collections, all of which can benefit greatly from well-designed illumination systems.

We offer a variety of LED lighting systems for displays and cabinets that can be considered the building blocks for any lighting project or application, that are differentiated by mounting method:

  • The Adjustable Concealed (AC) Series is designed to be installed during cabinet construction when drilled holes and round pins are used to support the individual adjustable shelves.
  • The Adjustable Exposed (AE) Series is designed to be installed in existing cabinetry where metal standards are exposed and individual shelves are supported by metal shelf support clips.

Our adjustable cabinet lighting series are one of the products that sets Phantom apart from other lighting systems and you can find more information in our interior designer’s guide to Phantom Lighting. The ability to rearrange illuminated shelves without the need for rewiring is an invaluable asset to interior designers and homeowners alike. Once a Phantom AC or AE adjustable cabinet lighting system is installed in a home, you can swap out display items at any time and change the layout of the shelving to accommodate objects of different heights. This provides a unique opportunity for interior designers to revisit previous clients and redesign or refresh their collection without having to hire an electrician or installer.

  • The Horizontal Mount (HM) Series is designed to be installed in existing cabinetry where the shelves are fixed in place and is a great option for illuminating antique or free-standing furniture.
  • The Vertical Mount (VM) Series is designed to be installed in existing furniture or cabinetry where a horizontally-mounted system isn’t feasible or desired. This system is particularly useful for displays with glass shelves and corner cabinets.
  • The Task Mount (TM) Series is designed to be installed horizontally underneath cabinetry to provide illumination to countertops and workspaces.

With Phantom’s proprietary concealed mounting techniques and unique wiring methods, no visible fixtures will interfere with the display designs you’re known for or the high-quality illumination we’re known for! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have about which of our LED cabinet lighting systems is best for your next project. This interior designer’s guide to Phantom lighting details many cabinet lighting tools that will set your design apart from the competition.

Cove Lighting – The interior designer’s guide to Phantom LightingInterior Designer's Guide to Phantom Lighting

Cove lighting is the last lighting technique we discuss in the interior designer’s guide to Phantom lighting. There isn’t really too much to say about cove lighting because experienced interior designers know that architectural coves look best when illuminated, as they add depth, ambiance and dimension to a room. Cove lighting is a dynamic way to showcase interior architecture of any kind. It creates a palette on which to design a tailored ambience for a home, restaurant, store, office, hotel or industrial space.

There are several creative applications for cove lighting outside the traditional ceiling cove – add cove lights to a bathroom to create a spa-like effect; mount a fixture near the floor to romanticize a hallway; install lighting beneath a bed frame or behind a TV for fun; create a lighted handrail for a sleek, modern staircase; ignite a bar area with colored lighting – the possibilities are as irresistible as they are endless.

Phantom’s LED linear strip lighting for coves are the best option for these applications because they are efficient and long-lasting. We also offer the Classic CM Series, a cove lighting system that utilizes individual LED festoon lamps that can be field-notched to fit radial curves, so no project is out of reach for Phantom products. The next time you work on a project that features architectural coves or wish to add a dynamic illumination design to a home, please reference your interior designer’s guide to Phantom Lighting for a customized lighting solution.

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