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Phantom’s Virtual Lighting Showroom provides a virtual lighting gallery for interior decorators, custom home builders, architects, electrical contractors, cabinet makers, and commercial lighting specialists. With one-click convenience, professionals in the design community can see images of residential and commercial  lighting applications. Phantom’s virtual lighting showroom shows you tangible examples of projects we have done in the past—from the convenience of your laptop or desktop. Direct contact with our factory is only a phone call or email away if you have a question or choose to inquire, get technical advice or place an order.

Every project you will find today in our virtual lighting showroom began as a custom project like the one you are most likely currently working on. These amazing lighting effects have been produced through a unique custom specification and lighting fixture manufacturing process that takes what the professional needs and wants and uses that as a blueprint for effective accent lighting.

You will find a wide variety of cabinet, cove, display, and antique furniture lighting effects in our virtual lighting showroom that we have created using our proprietary custom LED lighting products. These are not the typical low voltage cabinet lighting strips you buy from online stores or find in retail showrooms. They are custom made from ultra-thin vertical and horizontal strips that match exactly the under-cabinet and shelving dimensions of the surfaces you are lighting.

Builders can requisition under cabinet lights made that will perfectly fit even the most original and eclectic of kitchen cabinets. They can also illuminate cabinet interiors and other forms of shelving with Phantom linear strips. The many cove lighting construction projects depicted in our virtual lighting showroom were designed with linear strips as well. The low-profile, wireless design of these fixtures makes them highly adaptable to low-profile ceiling accent lighting. In fact, our CM series LED strip lighting fixtures can even be bent up to full 360-degrees to accommodate anything from a serpentine cove to a vaulted ceiling dome.

Our virtual lighting showroom gallery also has a great deal for the art consultant to consider.

Here you will find many examples of fine art illuminated by what is known as our “lighted from within effect.” This is achieved by the advanced lens configuration and filtration mechanism of our Phantom Contour projector fixture. The light is shaped or “contoured” to match the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the painting or sculpture it illuminates. This allows for remarkable precision in lighting control and intensity. The filters also strip the light of all ultraviolet and infrared light to render it harmless to sensitive oils and canvases. The light is also shaped, or “contoured” Regardless of the color scheme, location, or size of the painting, the light always appears to emanate from the surface of the art. For decades, this is is what has made the Phantom Contour Projector world-famous for lighting fine art.

Find other examples of eclectic art and sculpture lighting in our virtual lighting showroom now.

Take some time to really study these specialized projects that represent years of partnership and co-consulting with professionals in the design community. Although your current project will no doubt be unique, it will be easy for you to find a number of previous lighting projects that can serve as a general starting point for our Lighting Sales Representatives network to begin serving you.

Our display lights and optical framing projectors are made in Houston, Texas. A network of nationwide distributorships and lighting supply distribution reps. then distributes them throughout all 50 states in places like Lansing, MI (LAN), Hagerstown, MD (HGR), Sidney, MT (SDY), Islip, NY (ISP), Elmira/Corning, NY (ELM), Minot, ND (MOT), Marion, IL (MWA), Kaunakakai, HI (MKK), Agana, GU (GUM), Valdosta, GA (VLD). We also service clients internationally, with lighting manufacturer representatives working out of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

We invite you to contact us toll free 800-863-1184 to obtain more information on all of these options. You can also request literature on our phantom website or read through the many informative lighting resources and FAQ’s located on our website. All of these lighting resources contain a wealth of information about our custom; low-voltage lighting products that are the dream come true of art lighting designers and cabinet lighting builders on two major continents.

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