Contour Art Lighting Projectors

Contour Art Lighting Projectors

Contour Art Lighting Projectors offer the best in lighting technology for illuminating exquisite masterpieces.

These state-of-the art contour lighting projectors capture the intrinsic beauty of artworks and sculptures in a way that is unlike any other. They produce the “lighted from inside” effect.

Contour Art Lighting Projectors

One of the most distinctive features in contour lighting is the focused beam of light that illuminates art objects and defines their outline. For a brighter illumination, the powerful LED engine can work alone or together with a dimmer to create a subtle glow.

See our photo gallery to discover first-hand that great lighting can be science disguised in magic.

The projectors of contour lighting can be used to safely illuminate valuable art in any medium. It is much more versatile than natural sunlight, which will fade colors and cause textiles to fade over time. The projector luminance also outperforms fluorescent and halogen lamps, which produce potentially dangerous UV rays that could damage sensitive materials. The poor color rendering ability of fluorescent lighting, just like incandescent, is another reason for using it.

Projectors can be used in almost any setting and are versatile. Most projectors are installed in the ceiling. They also have a nearly flat cover plate, which can easily be camouflaged using paint to preserve the integrity of your ceiling. All types require apertures with a minimum diameter. While some models need to be installed in the attic, others can only be mounted on the floor. While most fixtures are fairly simple, professionals should be consulted for proper installation.

LED Contour Art Lighting Projectors & IC Rated housings

Our Phantom Contour projectors are equipped with all the best optical qualities for lighting fine art. Our patent-pending LED contour lighting projectors can showcase sculptures and art of all sizes and shapes. They are discreet, efficient and flexible. Phantom LED lighting technology is the preferred choice for interior designers, artists and lighting professionals who don’t want traditional lighting solutions for cabinet lighting or framing projector art light solutions.

Phantom LED Contour projectors can be integrated seamlessly in any commercial or residential setting thanks to their four low-profile, recessed housings. Their unique variable optical system allows for focused light to be bent into patterns that highlight the artwork and not surrounding walls. This gives friends and family the opportunity to view art from a completely new perspective. The contour art lighting projectors are unique art-lighting phenomenon that some have called exceptional or extraordinary.

Float Finish Housing

Phantom FF Series Square Housing is low profile and IP Rated. This housing can be used for lighting projects that have a flat ceiling. Two-part design allows for seamless ceiling covering. The removable center panel features an oval slot, custom glare shield, and easy access to the top.

New Construction Housing

Phantom NC Series Square Housing is IP Rated. This housing can be used in any mounting situation using the supplied fixture bars. These bar are designed to fit into 2″x10″ frames and allow for any rafter spacing of up to 24″. With an oval slot, a custom glare shield and removable cover plate, you can easily access the bottom and conceal any contour art lighting projectors.

Remodel Housing

Phantom RM Series Square Housing is IP Rated. It can be installed into ceilings without causing damage. The custom-made mounting clips can accommodate ceiling thicknesses of up to 2″, and are compatible with plaster, wood, and drywall. With its oval slot design and custom glare protection, the removable cover plate allows easy access to below while concealing light source.

Canopy Surface Mount

Phantom SM Series surface-mount projector is available in a circular canopy. This can easily be mounted to any 3/0 and 4/0 boxes. The kit also includes a universal bracket as well as mounting screws. The canopy houses both fan and LED drivers. This makes it easy to connect them. If desired, a square or round canopy may be added.

Houston is the home of our manufacturing facility for contour art lighting projectors. Professional lighting agents are available throughout the United States. Reach out to Phantom Lighting Systems today for YOUR custom art lighting projectors.