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A surface mount art light is a strong option for nearly any display, though they do have to be aimed properly to produce the proper look. These fixtures are easier to install than most recessed fixtures and only have to attach to a ceiling or wall. Because they are not confined, they often have complete freedom of movement. This grants them a level of flexibility that recessed fixtures have trouble matching.

Some homeowners even prefer the look of an exposed lamp, as it can help establish the layout of a room and cue people to where the focal point of a space is.

Using Traditional Picture Lights Fo Illuminating Fine Art

Perhaps the most popular surface mount art light is an accent light. Accent lights such as the surface mounted projectors from Phantom Lighting are flexible, adaptable and high performance. They can be focused on a single subject and create a powerful wash of illumination, or they can be aimed at different targets and illuminate a grouping of paintings.

Another top option is Phantom’s SM series of optical framing projectors. Most of the projectors Phantom offers are recessed into the ceiling, but the SM series is attached directly to the ceiling. The SM projector is more economical than other projector options but can still be configured with masking attachments, dimmer controls, and special lenses or filters. With the SM projector, a homeowner can get a professional level installation for a fraction of the price and installation time.

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