Meeting commercial expectations requires a constant awareness of the bottom line. Because many commercial environments such as break rooms need the lights left on throughout the day, owners are very tempted to request fluorescent under cabinet lights that are adequate in luminance and cheap to operate.

You might want to point out to these clients that custom low voltage under cabinet lighting strips can be just as cost effective and prove an equally effective source of light. Low voltage incandescent festoons make for excellent task lights and produce a much finer, whiter light that compliments almost any countertop.

Phantom Strip Light Bulbs are energy savers that help achieve LEEDS certification.

Phantom Xenon linear strip lights are low profile fixtures that hide beneath the front of the cabinet’s underbelly, shining the light back and away from the eyes. This reduces uncomfortable, reflective glare. They are also completely dimmable, which makes them even more effective than fluorescents in controlling energy costs. Because these devices replace visible wiring with metal shelf supports and buss bars, cleaning crews can remove shelves to dust them without fear of damaging the lighting strips or shocking themselves. Our smaller magnetic cabinet lighting transformers also make for easy installation and concealment, so the light appears to be sourceless as it emanates from under the cabinet or from within its interior.

Phantom linear light strips for low voltage under cabinet lighting are custom made to the exact specifications of cabinet undersurfaces and cabinet interiors. Installation will be simple and without unforeseen complications when you work with a US Phantom Lighting sales representative. Your Agent will relay the vertical and horizontal length requirements of the linear strips you request to our manufacturing facility. This will ensure a seamless fit with no complications.

Business owners will not only be amazed at the apparently magical light produced by our low voltage cabinet lights, but they will be impressed with the savings, to say the least. Low voltage lighting strips combine optimal lumens output with maximum energy savings. New 2800K LED festoon light bulbs have just emerged on the market as well. These new lamps mimic the color renderings of incandescent light and operate on only 20% the power needed by incandescents and xenon lamps. Add the innate power savings of LED to a dimmable, concealable light source, and you have low voltage under cabinet lighting exponentially multiplied through engineering combined with user-friendly control.

Through a partnership with Phantom Lighting, you can pass on direct savings to your clients, and you can also accommodate them with user friendliness and a wide variety of lamping and color temperature options that can make low voltage under cabinet light installations a source of premier luxury lighting at only a fraction of standard lighting costs.

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