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I am interested in purchasing several of your Phantom Contour Projectors. However, I am confused by all the different housings that you offer. Which recessed model do I need for a clean ceiling appearance?

Thank you for your interest in our Phantom lighting projector. I am more than happy to discuss the various housings we offer and assist you in ordering the right fine art lighting equipment.

Basically, we have four different Phantom Contour Projector housings:

RM Series
The remodel housing is designed for adding the projector light without damage to the ceiling. For example, you can replace an old eyeball fixture or accent light with one of these housings. You simple enlarge the existing hole, remove the old recessed lighting fixture and install the new Phantom remodel housing. The remodel housing has a discrete round white ceiling plate with a 1/8″ tapered beveled edge.

FF Series
The float finish housing is designed for the most attractive and discrete ceiling appearance. The 1/8″ machined flange is securely attached to the ceiling during installation and then floated and textured and painted to match the ceiling. These trims can be wallpaper, faux painted or fabricated to match the ceiling finish.

TA Series
The top access housing is designed for commercial jobs or residences where is in not practical to install or service the light. This housing eliminates the need for scaffolding or man lifts to access the equipment. A special elongated trim is provided with the housing to finish off the ceiling penetration. Although convenient for tall ceilings, this particular housing is the most challenging when it comes to adjusting the projector.

NC Series
The new construction housing is designed for new work and old work if attic access is available. The housing comes with heavy duty fixture bars for installation during the framing stage. Just like the remodel housing the NC Series has the same discrete round white ceiling plate with a 1/8″ tapered beveled edge.

The float finish housing is by far the most attractive and least obvious of the ceiling trims. If you go with the new construction housing or the remodeler housing, the ceiling plates look the same should you decide to add more in the future. Some people are funny about seeing ceiling plates and they tolerate speakers, smoke detectors and sprinkler heads. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. If it were my house, the FF Series is the way I would go.

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