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Phantom LED strip lighting replaces the soon-to-be antiquated lighting sources of fluorescent and halogen light bulbs. Phantom strip lights utilize LED lamps that employ semiconductor technology to generate illumination. This reduces the risk of fire hazards that result from overheated lighting equipment and cuts cost on energy consumption. Phantom LED strip lighting delivers value to both commercial and residential lighting arenas and is sweeping the technology world as the wave of the future.

Phantom offers some of the best linear LED lighting systems around!

Classic Series – This uses festoon bulbs as the source of illumination and is great for arched or curved ceilings, since the trim is notched to fit anywhere. The classic lamps come in two types, Xenon (the traditional lamp base, lower costing) or LED (more energy efficient, longer life, low-maintenance).

Phantom Classic Series Strip Lighting Cutsheets
Adjustable Concealed | Adjustable Exposed | Horizontal Mount | Vertical Mount | Task Lighting

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Classic Trim Options | Festoon Lamp Information | Transformer Specs

Elite Series – A lamp powered by LED ribbon technology. It can also be fitted to several different angles, but its low profile makes it a better fit for small spaces, like cabinets. They are also well suited for flat or sloped ceilings. Unlike the Classics, they come with their own choice of color, and they emit 67 lumens per foot.

Phantom Elite Series Strip Lighting Cutsheets
Adjustable Concealed | Adjustable Exposed | Horizontal Mount | Vertical Mount | Task Lighting

Ultra Series – These lamps are almost exactly like the Elites, except they’re much brighter – at 240 lumens per foot, they are among the brightest lamps available on the market.

Phantom Ultra Series Strip Lighting Cutsheets
Adjustable Concealed | Adjustable Exposed | Horizontal Mount | Vertical Mount | Task Lighting

Additional Elite/Ultra Strip Lighting Documents
Elite/Ultra Trim Options | Tape Instructions | Wiring Accessories | Driver Specs

Phantom strip lights are available in several trim colors so that they can blend in with their surrounding area. Customers can choose from a flat white trim, flat black trim, a stainless steel color finish, brass, and many other options in between. They also come in several models for just about any mounting orientation, including a special trim designed for display applications with adjustable shelves.

LED strip lighting lends itself perfectly to commercial applications where energy saving and maintenance costs are a concern. Both gas and filament bulbs consume a great deal of power and become very hot if burned too long. Commercial entities must pay close attention to lighting to regulate overhead and often must limited the use of their lighting systems to ensure minimized overhead. This is not a concern with LED strip lighting. The average lamp life of LED strip lights is 50,000 hours—the longest lamp life of the industry. LED lamps generate very little heat and no ultraviolet radiation. For commercial entities in need of task and aesthetic strip lighting, LED technology offers a low-voltage, cost effective solution with minimized maintenance and dramatically reduced replacement costs.

The aesthetics of an LED strip light are equally impressive to its performance. The small low profile design of Phantom strips combines with custom shielding to allow designers to use LED lighting strips in many unique and creative ways. Phantom LED lighting strips may be field cut to any size. Designers highly value the flexibility and advantages that our products deliver to them any time they work with radius or round cove lighting applications. Phantom LED strip lights also deliver a level of task lighting unsurpassed by fluorescent and halogen lights. Because they use only minimal low voltage power and do not burn hot, they can subsequently be left on for longer periods without risk of overheating and damaging their environment.

Today’s LED lamps have evolved far beyond the red, green, and blue diodes of their early prototypes. LED lamps are now able to generate millions of colors and degrees of illumination. Phantom LED strip lights are fully dimmable, and can even be used in conjunction with automated home lighting and other sophisticated aesthetic methodologies. Cool white LED lamps serve ideally in commercial arenas as sources of lighting for watches, necklaces, and diamonds in jewelry stores. The brilliant white light adds a sparkle to jewelry that maximizes retail showcasing of high-end merchandise. Warm white LED lamps produce a soft, pleasant light source conducive to both commercial and residential display applications. Fine art lighting, cove lighting, and even cabinet lighting normally call for this type of LED strip light to create a mystical aura around the piece.

LED strip lights add clear, tangible value to both aesthetic and functional applications. Across residential and commercial arenas, Phantom LED strip lights continue to outshine other technologies and lead the world of lighting to a brighter, more efficient future. Phantom Lighting has a number of tools and customization options to optimize a system, and they can be used in an endless number of combinations to produce just as many looks. If we can help with your LED strip lighting project, just give us a call toll-free at 800-863-1184 or request a quote using our online form.

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