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LED optical framing projectors are the most sophisticated forms of art lighting available to homeowners, art galleries, museums and other venues. They are incredible powerful and precise, while remaining compact and only requiring a handful of components to function.

Every Phantom LED optical framing projector consists of the projector’s IC-rated housing, the projector itself (which is preassembled for ease of installation), the LED light engine, a pair of achromatic focal lenses, a pair of condensing lenses, a focal tube, masking shutters and the hardware needed to mount the projector. That’s all it takes to produce an art display that people will remember. The results are dramatic!

The Projector Housing

The housing protects the projector from dust, moisture and pests, and also helps control heat conduction. Phantom’s LED optical framing projectors are available in one of several housing designs, each one built for a different purpose or environment, but all of them intended for placement in the ceiling. Those housing designs include:

The Float Finish, or FFL series – The FFL series is termed such because it is “floated” in to produce a zero slight-line installation. The Float Finish is designed to be as inconspicuous as possible, and sits flush with the ceiling. It comes without a cover plate to reduce its visual impact, and once the float ring is painted to the match the ceiling, it is nearly impossible to spot the projector if you don’t know where it is.

The Remodeler Housing, or RML series – Phantom’s RML series is the first of its type in the lighting industry, and is designed for placement between floors. The RML series disrupts the ceiling minimally and comes with a low-profile design, so it can be placed in ceilings that are only 10 inches deep.

The New Construction, or NCL series – The NCL series is intended for installation before the ceiling’s sheetrock has been placed. The NCL comes with mounting bars that are perfect for joist spacing up to 24 inches wide and 10 inches high.

The Top Access, or TAL series – The TAL series is required when the projector cannot be accessed from below, which is often the case in museums and art galleries with high ceilings. The TAL series is also useful when minimum ceiling penetration is desired.

The Surface Mount, or SML series – The SML series is the only projector that comes without housing, making it the most economical choice Phantom offers. The SML series is also easy to install and can be placed nearly anywhere.

Phantom’s LED projector housings are insulation contact (IC) rated. An IC-rated housing is one that can be installed in close proximity to insulation without risk of fire. An IC-rated housing is so safe in this regard that it can be blanketed with insulation without increasing fire risk. The housing manages this by conducting heat extremely slowly, so there’s never enough heat to threaten insulation, or any other nearby materials.

The LED Lamp

The biggest difference between Phantom’s LED optical framing projectors and previous projector designs is the LED lamp. In this case, it’s the XHP70 lamp, which is one of the most powerful LED lamps on the market. Manufactured by Cree, the XHP70 lamp represents a major jump in lumen density, compared to most other commercial LEDs. With additional diodes loaded on the lamp, the Cree XHP70 is more reliable and brilliant, giving it the kind of beam intensity and precision that makes it a superior alternative to halogen-based projectors.

The Optics

Phantom’s LED framing projectors come with sophisticated, customizable optics that can be tailored to the projector’s positioning. Phantom’s optics system includes both focal and condensing lenses, and they can be rearranged to optimize how the projector looks at different distances. Phantom’s focal lenses are achromatic, which means they combine light wavelengths in a way that eliminates any abnormalities and guarantees and a sharp edge.

The Masking Attachments

The XHP70 lamp and Phantom’s optics are what power and deliver the light, but it’s Phantom’s masking attachments that shape the beam to the subject. This is at the heart of the lit-from-within effect that LED optical framing projectors are known for.

Phantom has a few mask options available, including:

Aluminum shutters – Phantom’s adjustable shutters are designed for use with paintings, photographs, illustrations and any other subject that is square or rectangular. The shutters can be moved around to screen out any light that doesn’t contact the subject, and they can be adjusted quickly to accommodate a variety of subject sizes and shapes.

Custom cut template – For subjects that are irregular in shape, a custom-cut template makes the most sense. Sculptures, models and art installations are best served by a custom cut brass template, because it is designed to fit the subject’s curves and edges perfectly.

Stainless steel gobo – If advanced lighting patterns are needed, such as theatrical lighting, a stainless steel gobo can provide the pattern.

LED optical framing projectors are the result of decades of art lighting development and research. With safe, versatile housings, a powerful LED engine, advanced optics and several masking options, Phantom’s LED optical framing projectors are the most sophisticated art lights on the market.

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