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Using a projector for art lighting purposes is catching on quickly among homeowners, and even interior designers are relying on it to create an impactful display. That’s no surprise, because no other technology can mimic an optical framing fixture’s ability to contour illumination to the subject.

The result is a glowing effect that may appear otherworldly to people the first time they see it, and that impact is sure to draw people into the painting. And that’s the point of sinking so much effort into a display.

Setting Up Contemporary Art Lighting With The Right Fixture

With a projector, art lighting takes on a whole new meaning. Other fixtures produce significant ceiling clutter and tend to illuminate too much. Optical framing projectors are recessed into the ceiling or concealed by an architectural feature, so they are tough to notice even if someone knows they are there. All that’s visible is an innocuous cover plate, which can be set flush into the ceiling and painted over.

The real power in these fixtures, though, is how they can be shaped to the subject. With a set of adjustable shutters, which are ideal for paintings, or a cut metal slide, which are better for sculptures, the illumination can be trimmed to the edges of the subject. Nothing else will be illuminated, so all of the vivid colors and graceful shapes in the subject will be even more apparent matched up to its shaded surroundings. It is, in a word, commanding, and will grab people the instant they see the beautiful results.

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