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There are many approaches to art illumination, but only a few can provide a special look that will wow others. People quickly get used to traditional forms of lighting, which can make it difficult to get people to pay attention to a prized painting or sculpture.

Fortunately, optical framing projectors can provide exactly what homeowners are looking for – a streamlined fixture that can easily blend into any setting and provide a unique lighting pattern that most people have never seen before. And Phantom can help set it up as well.

art illumination

Optical framing projectors are the ultimate form of art illumination, and are typically recessed inside the ceiling and hidden with a minimalist cover plate. From their concealed mounting position, they fire a powerful beam of halogen light which can be shaped using a masking attachment. The point of shaping the light is to ensure only the subject is lit up, and not everything around it. The problem with spill lighting is that it doesn’t help the painting or sculpture stand out, making it appear somewhat flat. However, by masking the light, either with a set of adjustable shutters or with a custom metal slide, the subject will appear much brighter than the wall it is mounted to. That not only makes the subject appear more vivid, it also gives it depth and visual focus. And that effect is something that most people have never seen before, so if a homeowner wants a certain precious painting or sculpture to get the respect it deserves, an optical framing projector is an obvious choice.

Phantom optical framing projectors come in various housing models:

If you have any additional questions about art illumination, feel free to contact Tom Kretzschmar at 1-800-863-1184. Mr. Kretzschmar would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the optical projector from Phantom Lighting Systems.

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