Art Lighting Suggestions Could Make The Best Difference

art lighting suggestionsHomeowner’s can find plenty of helpful art lighting suggestions at Phantom Lighting before picking out an art lighting fixture for their home.

A homeowner can find plenty of helpful art lighting suggestions before picking out a fixture, and this will help speed along the lighting design process. The internet can be a major help in this endeavor, and there are plenty of examples a homeowner can look to for their display.  When it comes to art lighting suggestions nobody has art lighting products or cabinet lighting products quite like Phantom lighting.

It’s not important for a homeowner to learn every little thing about how to light paintings or sculptures. What’s more important is that a homeowner gets a sense for what they like in a display and how to communicate this to their architect, builder or interior designer. Picture lights, accent lights, recessed lights and framing projectors are all types specialty products to consider as art lighting suggestions. Visiting the Phantom lighting image gallery is a great way to start the process!

In addition to the internet, a homeowner can get some practical art lighting suggestions while visiting museums or local art galleries. Take note of how the exhibits are positioned, where the fixture is situated, and how the illumination strikes the wall around the subject. Paintings with varnish or glass can produce reflective glare and this too is helpful to understand. Understanding these issues can  help a homeowner determine what kind of painting they would like to acquire before even buying anything. Some venues also have experts on staff that set up the exhibits, and they can give some insight on how everything is set up.

Of course, it can be difficult to get such an expert to help you out, which is why it’s usually a better idea to approach an expert in the illumination industry. There are many professionals dedicated to setting up these displays, and they can pick out the perfect fixture for any setting. If a homeowner has any questions or doubts, an expert will be able to answer them.

One popular art lighting suggestion we hear often is using an optical framing projector to light artwork.

These specialty art lighting fixtures provide the most sophisticated attributes of all the art lighting products on the market today.  This is due to the precision optics and ability to focus the light on the canvas or sculpture without any spill light on the wall. This unique product produces a lighted from within look that adds color, texture and form.

Phantom Contour Projectors feature all of the characteristics of the world’s best lighting when it comes to illuminating fine art or sculptures. Our patented LED framing projectors are discrete, high performance, tunable and designed to highlight art and sculptures of any size or shape. Interior designers, art collectors and lighting professionals all turn to Phantom art lighting technology when traditional lighting methods don’t fit the requirements or the project requires the very best.

Five Contour projector models are available from Phantom Lighting:

FFL Contour Projector – Float Finish IC Rated Housing

NCL Contour Projector – New Construction IC Rated Housing

RML Contour Projector – Remodeler IC Rated Housing

TAL Contour Projector – Top Access IC Rated Housing (custom installation only)

SML Contour Projector – Surface Mount IP Rated Canopy

For existing customers, we also have custom-engineered a solution – a direct retrofit LED conversion kit – to adapt your existing Phantom Contour (halogen) projector into an energy efficient, long-lasting LED projector that delivers the high-caliber quality of light you’ve come to expect from your Phantom product. This is not a simple lamp change, but a major upgrade that improves light levels, energy efficiency and overall performance. The conversion process involves changing the electrical power supply, updating the optical system and installing a high output LED light engine for maintenance free operation.

The results are dramatic!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us or Tom Kretzschmar directly at 1-800-863-1184. Mr. Kretzschmar would be happy to offer some art lighting suggestions or any questions you have regarding any of the Contour optical projector from Phantom Lighting System.