Homeowners are always looking for a better way to show off their prized belongings, and precision art lighting may be the answer. These concealed fixtures are perfect for intricate subjects that need to be well-lit for maximum effect.

If properly installed, they can create a powerful beam of illumination that contours perfectly to the subject, creating a unique look that is not available with other fixtures. Precision art lighting works because it has high-quality technology and masking attachments that further refine the beam.


Phantom’s contour projectors, for example, use a halogen light engine and a unique lensing apparatus that focuses the beam precisely. As the light is emitted from the projector, a cut metal slide or a set of movable shutters pares the beam down so that it only radiates on the face of the subject. This technology is compatible with anything on display, including unique sculptures, sets of paintings, models, or precious artifacts. The projector is safe to use, even with delicate or aged items.

Phantom’s technology also stands out because it is easy for installers to handle. The problem with most projectors is that they require a high level of expertise from the installer. Phantom’s projectors are designed to be intuitive for an installer, so homeowners can rest assured that the placement of the projector is correct, resulting in a brilliantly lit subject.